Social Media Giveaway Ideas - Ultimate Guide

By Meagan Kral

Social Media Giveaway Ideas - Ultimate Guide

If you’re looking for giveaway ideas to boost your engagement, increase the emails on your email list, and surprise and delight your target audience, you’ve come to the right place. Kickoff Labs has compiled an extensive list of blog posts to inspire you on every important day of the year. Check out our master list below and find great new ways to connect with your followers! Learn more about creating your first giveaway in under 10 minutes here.

Running a Giveaway on Social Media by Platform

Social Media Giveaway Rules

In addition to meeting local guidelines for promotional giveaways, it’s important that you follow any rules associated with social media. Each social media platform has its own guidelines. Below are only some of the requirements. We’ve included an indepth guide on rules for running a giveaway by platform here.

Running a Social Media Giveaway With KickoffLabs

Running your next social media giveaway with KickoffLabs is a breeze thanks to our user-friendly setup process. Learn about the specific tools that we offer for social media giveaways below.

Variety of Curated Templates Tailored to Different Social Platforms

We offer a variety of giveaway templates for every popular social media platform that are setup for engagement, conversion, and social media growth. KickoffLabs takes the guesswork out of creating compelling campaigns that resonate with your audience and drive results. This makes it easy to streamline the process of launching your giveaway even faster!

Giveaway by social platform

Automatic Contest Setting Setup

KickoffLabs automatically sets contest settings based on the campaign that you chose. For example, the scoring is set to referrals + actions which is excellent for boosting your Facebook follower count with little effort on your part. You simply design and launch the giveaway (with the help of KickoffLabs) and send out your launch hype announcements. As your first participants respond and enter they will be incentivized to spread the word about your contest to their network of friends and followers to earn additional entries + a change at winning the giveaway.

Automatic contest setting Setup

Automatic Action Setup

To help gain followers and engagement even faster, we also automatically includes platform specific actions that leads can take in exchange for a bonus point or two. This is configured during the campaign setup and is based on the campaign type that you chose.

Actions by social platform

Pick a Winner Tool

Take the difficult decision of choosing a winner off your plate by letting KickoffLabs choose the winner for you with our Pick a Winner feature! Choose from a weighted contest that increases entrant’s odds of being selected based on their participation and referrals, or opt to have the tool select a winner or winners at random. Either way, the winner is selected with no heavy lifting (or complex math skills) required on your part.

Pick a winner results

Final Thoughts

Launching a giveaway on social media is now a breeze, thanks to KickoffLabs. Use our specialized tools and viral referral prowess to effortlessly orchestrate a captivating giveaway. Engage your desired audience, grow your followers, and grow your social presence.

Why hesitate? Get started with a free account today! Kickstart your social media giveaway now with one of our curated templates, and witness your social media presence explode.

Need help getting started? Reach out to our support team at support@kickofflabs.com.

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