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Get a viral boost. Quickly and easily setup giveaways, sweepstakes, and product launches where fans earn points and rewards for referring friends and promoting your brand!

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Viewing progress towards rewards.

Over 45 million leads have been collected with KickoffLabs viral marketing campaigns!

Reward Level Referrals

Leads unlock rewards by referring friends using their unique links and reaching referral milestones.

Proven by Harry's

Viewing progress towards rewards.

Bonus Entry Sweepstakes

Leads earn additional entries and increase their odds of winning by following your brand or referring friends.

Proven by MailChimp

Viewing bonus entries earned.

Shopify Rewards

Don't just drive leads. Drive sales and reward true fans that refer buyers!

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Proven by Amazon

Tag and reward leads as having generated purchases for you.

Leaderboard Giveaways

Leads earn points and move up the leaderboard by referring friends, following your brand, or taking other social actions.

Proven by Jet

A leaderboard based on earned contest points.

Prelaunch Waitlist

Generate word of mouth by encouraging people to move up the waitlist as they refer friends and earn points in your contest.

Proven by Robinhood

Showing where ones position on the waitlist is.

Email Opt-in Bribes

Deliver a simple instant download in exchange for someone joining your email list.

Offer of an opt-in bribe to join your mailing list.

Coupon Giveaway

Generate leads by giving away coupons, vouchers, and other unique codes to your fans through our email replies.

Offer of a unqiue coupon code for distribution.

Unlocked Reward

Leads can unlock a reward by reaching a single point milestone.

Proven by Jet

Showing progress towards an unlockable reward.

Your way. Right away. We're flexible like that.

Run campaigns as a Landing Page, Popup, Slide In Bar, or custom HTML!

Landing Pages

Use our hosted landing pages to run viral campaigns.

Use our hosted landing pages on your domain.


Use popups on your site to run viral contests.

Trigger popups via clicks, on exit, or after a delay.

Slide In Bars

Use slide in pop overs on your site to run viral contests.

Keep your contest running side by side with your website.

Custom HTML Forms

Build your HTML or use another service with our AnyForm script.

Build your HTML or use another service with our AnyForm script.

Yup. We handle email too!

Automated contest emails that drive more referrals and engagement.

Smart emails that drive results

Increase engagement and sharing with KickoffLab's emails. Send emails after your customers sign up, when they reach key sharing thresholds and stay up-to-date with lead notification emails.

Lead notification emails.

How to get even more leads...

Understand Your Leads in Order to Get Even More Leads!

Lead notification emails.

Give Leads Custom Points

Allow your leads to earn additional points for liking or following you on social media, sharing your content, get others to sign up.

Tag Your Leads: for Actions You Care About

Want to give leads points for making a purchase? Or visiting a page outside of KickoffLabs? Or installing your app? Or something else. Look no further.

Identify the Influencers

Use your lead scores to identify your influencers - who they are, engage with them, and learn how to find more influencers.

Send Your Leads ... Anywhere

Send your leads to your email service provider (like MailChimp, Aweber, etc.) and/or content management system (like Salesforce, Infusionsoft, etc.).

Easy to Understand Data

Get easy to read reports on your conversion rate and viral boost that you can easily filter over time and source.

We're different... just like you.

Unique features you need to run smarter campaigns.

Personalized Contest Greetings

Create a personal greeting on your campaigns for visitors from their own friends to dramatically boost your conversion rates!

A personal greeting for contests on top of your landing pages.

Set and Forget A/B Testing

Start an A/B test and we'll automatically optimize your campaign to make sure you get the best conversion rate without checking daily.

Comparing the success of two pages.

Purchase & Referral Reward Campaigns

Go beyond basic loyalty rewards when customers win for telling their friends about your products! Imagine earning loyalty stamps for things your friends buy.

Demographic data on the leads you capture with your contests.

ROI Focussed Analytics

Get beyond conversion rates and see how much value you are getting from your campaign and our Viral Boost. Understand where leads come from and whether or not they are referring friends.

Use analytics designed to measure your viral boost.

Advanced Fraud Protection

Prevent fake contest entries and referrals from mucking up your campaign. We've got some tools to help with that.

We label fraudulent leads.

Customers say nice things!

Don't just take our word for it...

Bailey from Glowforge

We were pleased to find such a powerful viral tool for non-technical people like me. During our 8-week campaign, we captured more than 10,000 leads! There was an incredible response and sales went faster than we expected. Even if people didn’t purchase, a lot of them posted about it and were generally excited.

Bailey Nelson Community at Glowforge

Amin from NoorKids.

Over 5 years, we slowly built our e-mail list to have about 25,000 leads. In a matter of one week, we doubled it through the assistance of Kickoff labs. It changed the game for our business.

Amin G. Co-Founder NoorKids

Mike from comfortable boxers.

Our launch got us 35,000 leads in 2 weeks with a 56.9% conversion rate! To add, 86.6% of leads were coming from KickoffLabs social referral mechanism. That means for every $1 spent we got roughly $1.86 worth of return out of that!

Mike Madrid Founder at ComfortableBoxers

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