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Enterprise-grade giveaways, contests, and product launches designed for your brand. Experience tailored onboarding, strategic planning, and viral features designed to elevate your brand's reach and engagement. Book a demo to learn more!

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We've scaled to fortune 500 campaigns, Superbowl promotions, and delivered customized solutions to meet the needs of large brands!

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Scaled to capture on a recent large campaign.


Viral Boost

Leads generated by KickoffLabs powered referrals.


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Captured in a single campaign.


Year Founded

We've been around long enough to know how to do this.

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Scalable Solutions for Your Brand by a Trusted Partner

Let KickoffLabs be your partner - From concept to launch, we ensure success with comprehensive plans, expert assistance, strategic solutions, and dedicated support.

Scalable Solutions

KickoffLabs offers tailored enterprise plans backed by a solid Service Level Agreement (SLA), ensuring your lead acquisition targets are met. Our powerful infrastructure is primed to support the most rigorous campaigns, anywhere from thousands to millions of leads.

Fully Branded Campaigns and Done for You Services

Tailor every detail of your campaign to match your brand guidelines. DIY with our platform or let our done-for-you services seamlessly bring your brand's vision from concept to launch in record time.

Team Onboarding & Training

Ensure your team is fully prepared with our comprehensive onboarding and optional personalized training sessions

Strategic Campaign Planning

Work with our experts to craft a campaign strategy that aligns with your brand goals for measurable success.

Dedicated Support & Developer Expertise

Our dedicated success managers are your campaign concierges, ensuring smooth sailing from start to finish. We also offer developer support if you are building your own implementations on our platform.

Prudential launch giveaway on mobile.

Secure by default.

Enterprise Giveaways with Privacy and Security Built In

Advanced Fraud Protection for Enterprises

Prevent fake contest entries and referrals from mucking up your campaign. Beyond our automated tools we work with enterprise customers to identify and block bad additional actors.

Secure and Private by Default

You control your data, the PII collected, and we don't resell it. We are GDPR and CCPA compliant and offer a DPA for enterprise customers.

Two Factor Authentication

Protect account access with two factor Authentication for team members.

We label fraudulent leads.

Ready to go big? We've got you covered.

Features made for enterprise grade giveaway campaigns

Team or Freelancer Collaboration

Empower your team with the ability to manage campaigns, add your own designers, or hire freelancers to ensure a collaborative approach to your contest marketing initiatives.

Support Multiple Brands with Ease

Scale success by easily replicating high-performing campaigns across multiple brands without rebuilding from scratch.

Team account access on KickoffLabs
Copy a campaign and just update images.

Integrations and Platform API

Use one of our 20+ default integrations with services like Klaviyo, Salesforce, or Mailchimp. Connect to hundreds of other services through our Zapier App. Build custom contest solutions into your own platform with our API, javascript library, and webhooks.

Customizable Lead Scoring, Tagging, and Actions

Taylor engagement and scoring to match your growth goals with over 70 built in actions, create your own actions, and tag leads that complete custom events on your platform.

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Example of lead actions.

Discover New Influencers to Work With

Track referral progress and get detailed reports on viral sharing including who referred who, top influencers, and how many leads are coming from sharing!

Top influencers on a campaign.

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