Boost Sales with Shopify Reward Campaigns

Connect Shopify & KickoffLabs to build the ultimate purchase rewards campaign. Boost loyalty and word of mouth by giving customers points for every dollar they spend AND every dollar spent by their friends!


Instantly add new buyers & existing email subscribers

New buyers will automatically receive share links and it's easy to add an Instant Signup link to your email newsletter!

We make your shop easy to share!

Everyone gets a unique link to share and a page to check on their points as well as the rewards you're offering for their participation.

KickoffLabs Thank You pages is where the viral magic happens.


Pick from proven reward templates to drive sales!

Increase sales on shopify by running a reward level campaign.

Reward Levels

Customers unlock rewards with points earned per dollar spent by themselves or friends.

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Proven by Harry's

Increase sales on shopify by running a contest.

Bonus Entry Sweeps

Points earned with purchases and referrals to increase their odds of winning regular competitions.

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Proven by MailChimp

Increase sales on shopify by running a leaderboard competition.

Leaderboard Giveaway

Customers move up the leaderboard with purchases, follows, or getting friends to buy.

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Proven by Jet


Turn your customers into brand ambassadors.

Keep them engaged with automated reward emails!

Customers will be engaged as they earn points through automated campaign emails from KickoffLabs designed to keep them sharing.

Make Sharing Easy On Referral Pages

Reward customers for every dollar spent.

You can tag people who make purchases and award them with a point for every dollar spent on your store.

Enable mobile sharing via SMS responders

Exclusive: Customers even earn points for every dollar their friends spend!

Go beyond basic loyalty rewards when customers win for telling their friends about your products! Imagine earning loyalty stamps for things your friends buy.

Example of anyform widget viral thank you page