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How Zenus collected 25,000 leads without ads using KickoffLabs

Zenus leveraged KickoffLabs, saved a ton of money, and has been able to focus on their core product instead of lead generation tools. With zero dollars spent on ads, the KickoffLabs campaign has collected over 25,000 email addresses at a 33% conversion rate, with a 60% viral boost. That means people are excited about Zenus, and they're telling their friends about it, using the KickoffLabs' referral links.

How do you launch a new product line at your company?

Dana is the co-founder and creative director at Solo Eyewear. In anticipation of a Kickstarter campaign for their latest product SOLO Eyewear used KickoffLabs to power a referral rewards campaign which gathered more than 30,000 new email leads with a 98% viral boost!