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Product Testing, Building a Community, and Growing Socials Through a Waitlist With Maven Pet

Maven Pet launched a waitlist campaign for their unique AI pet vet tech. Starting with a growing community, early adopters/ product testers, and a passion for helping pets live a better life- Maven Pet was able to grow exponentially before its official launch with KickoffLabs. Learn how product testing through a waitlist can lead to a wildly successful launch and the brand awareness you're looking for.

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Preparing for Holiday Contests- Easy Ideas to Get You Started

With the big holiday season quickly approaching, it's time to start preparing for your marketing strategy to stand out. Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year's eve are great times to quickly generate leads with a holiday giveaway contest! Get started in no time with these helpful tips and ideas.

How Social Bamboo Helps Businesses Grow With Online Sweepstakes

Listen in to find out how Derek, host of the well-known business marketing podcast Social Bamboo, has used KickoffLabs not only for his own business but to help others grow through running sweepstakes. Learn more about his tactics, marketing advice, and what has been helpful for his clients in past sweepstakes along with why he recommends KickoffLabs to his followers.

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