Your Complete Guide for Giveaway Contest Actions

By Meagan Kral

Your Complete Guide for Giveaway Contest Actions

When building a giveaway, the first docket item to add is thinking about your company’s end goal. The initial goal setting is a vital step to every building decision you’ll make. With that in mind, one of the most important tools to lead an incoming audience where you need them to go is the actions list. You can spend all the time designing your landing page and advertising your contest, but if you don’t lead your audience somewhere that matches your goals- you may just end up with only an email list and minimal genuine customer growth.

 KickoffLabs contest actions

What are giveaway actions?

Actions are the way you will send your entrants to the places that best fit your goals. This can be anything from sharing on socials, to downloading content/apps, or even a custom link. You get to decide what the actions are worth so you can put emphasis on the most important objectives. Actions are an effective way to increase engagement, boost your audience, and in turn, grow your business.

Contest Actions

You can find your actions in your giveaway from the campaign dashboard below your pages.

Where to configurate actions

From there, you’ll be able to add, change, and decide point value for any action you decide on. These can be changed any time.

Giveaway actions editor

What networks are supported for contest actions?

Aside from adding your own custom link, we have some specific options to choose from! This makes accomplishing specific goals a little easier. 

Actions supported landing page

Here is our current list: 

How do I choose the best actions for my goals?

With so many options, it is important to narrow down the most useful actions to for you. This means limiting your actions to 4-6 choices that will serve your goals the most. Don’t worry, you can add more or remove them during your contest and users will still keep their points.

​​​​​​Choosing your actions will be different for each individual use case and could even be different based on your location but let’d discuss some general guidelines for your type of business.

As a starting point - we strongly suggest all contests run the general refer a friend action. Your audience gets points for friends that actually sign up. You select the networks you want to make it easy to share on. Rather than picking all of them, pick the ones that make sense where your audience lives online.

Here are a few use cases that will change your contest actions:

Crypto- This industry can attract a very specific clientele. You’ll want to ensure your actions are straight forward. Clients should be encouraged to view your landing page, and share where your company presence and clients exist most (i.e. reddit or twitter).

crypto actions- ie. adding crypto wallet

A great example of successfully running a contest in the crypto space is this Grizzlyfi case. Their main goal was growth and you can learn more about how they obtained it on their podact feature: How Grizzly Gained 50k+ Leads With a Contest by Keeping it Simple

grizzly giveaway

Subscriptions- Whether this is a SAAS product or a subscription box service, the actions can be similar. Send your audience somewhere that explains why your product is special and valuable to them. Encourage them to share your giveaway by referral with friends. 

Retail- Oftentimes, retail benefits from connecting their POS so entrants can receive points for purchase encouraging sales. If you want to avoid sales for points and encourage boosting your brand awareness, lead your audience to view your socials and share their referral code for the giveaway.

SAAS- Encourage your audience to share articles related to your brand on their socials, texts, and reddit. This will help encourage community growth from a bigger brand awareness than simply sending cold leads to your homepage.

App- Emphasize the App Store and Google Play store options for quick and easy download. Leading your audience to helpful videos/links about your product and giving points for sharing those features can be a great way to create brand awareness.

mobile app actions

Podcast/ musician- If the artists content is mostly found on a specific platform, send the audience either to the entire page or to a specific song or episode that you want to bring more attention to- this link can be changed any time if you want them to keep coming back for more.

Also share other places you can be found and encourage downloads/ follows to keep in touch with your latest releases. referrals are very beneficial in this case as well.

Focus on your end goal

Now that the business type has been covered, we can go over actions and best practices for the specific goals you have.

Social growth/brand awareness - If you are looking to grow socially, encourage a referral program and then create actions that direct leads straight to your most important platforms. Encourage viewing and liking certain socials and posts too. This will help create a referral funnel - the initial friend is already in your audience, they share with their friend who then completes these actions and are now a new warm lead, and the cycle continues.

Audience growth/lead generation - This one is more so collecting emails, bringing in listeners for a show, or sharing your companies personality. Stick to very specific and minimal actions such as direct links to socials to share, downloads that provide value, even sending your audience to take a quiz that would be helpful customer research analytics  for you later on. Make sure to stay in touch with the email or phone list you collect.

Sales - You can connect your POS directly to your contest This way, you can give points for purchase and really focus on the importance of sales. Another way to encourage sales in to lead your audience to view and share a link to your new arrivals or a cool highlight video of what your product is.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, every contest is going to be different and every brand is unique. That’s why we offer: a free demo to ensure a contest can really meet your goals, online support any time for any questions you have, and paid Business level and higher plans come with a free 1:1 set up call to discuss your specific needs. Try it out for free and get ready to launch in no time!

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