Popups for giveaways, waitlists, and opt-ins in minutes.

Popups from KickoffLabs go beyond basic lead generation and enable viral referrals, giveaways, milestone rewards, or leaderboard style campaigns!

They support every campaign type and can be customized for your site, funnel, and open timing mechanics.

Different popup box templates shown!

Branded templates quickly with

Smart Defaults and Easy Editing

Popup Box Editor

Smart Defaults

A Popup Box is automatically created for you and customized for your campaign type.

Customizable Forms

Add a phone number, first name, or create any custom form field.

Reusable Components

Use campaign settings for actions, rewards, countdowns, and common text to save time.

Mobile Ready

Popup boxes are automatically setup to work properly on mobile devices.

On demand or triggered

Add Popup boxes into existing customer flows

Trigger on visit with a timer

Use across your site or on specific pages shown after X seconds.

On Click: Landing Page Entry Forms

Use a Popup Box for lead capture on any landing page with a simple link.

On Exit Intent: Capture before they leave

Show the popup on landing pages when the lead goes to leave.

On Signup: Thanks & Share

Combine AnyForm and Popup Box to any form from KickoffLabs or another platform.

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On Checkout: Referral Boost

Give people who've recently purchased a chance to refer friends.

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Popup showing on a landing page
Popup showing on as status

All KickoffLabs features in a box on your site.

The best giveaway features deployed in record time!

Lead Actions

Foster engagement by having leads earn extra points or entries in the contest by taking a number of actions.

Encourage leads to take action to earn points.


Set specific reward goals for leads to meet that unlock rewards that can be delivered automatically via email.

Rewards that can be reused around the entire campaign.

Contest Countdown & Leaderboard

Add an end date and optionally show people how they stack up overall by adding a leaderboard to your Popup Box.

A leaderboard inside a Popup Box.

Personalized Contest Greetings

Create a personal greeting on your campaigns for visitors from their own friends to dramatically boost your conversion rates!

A personal greeting for contests on top of your Popup Box.

Contest Rules and Privacy

Define one set of policies and rules that can be shown inside the Popup Box or opened from any Landing Page.

Contest rules inside a Popup Box.

Advanced Fraud Protection

Prevent fake contest entries and referrals from mucking up your campaign. We've got some tools to help with that.

We label fraudulent leads.

See Real Success!

Check out interviews with users who have run successful viral marketing campaigns with KickoffLabs.


It has the core social sharing functionality we were looking for. And with their flexible landing page designer, building our own custom template design was easy… you can edit pretty much everything on there.

Aref Shehadeh


So you could probably have a pretty good looking giveaway landing page with incentive mechanisms done in, I don't know, half an hour with KickoffLabs. To me, that's kind of a no brainer.

Jared Flamm

SOLO Eyewear

We exceeded our subscriber goal, converting 30,487 new leads… while getting a ton of brand exposure in the process! 98% of people were referred by somebody else via the Viral Boost.

Just a sample of the things you can get with KickoffLabs!

Features and Support to Grow Your Business

Pro onboarding

Professional Onboarding

Launch faster with a 1:1 call, domain setup, video reviews, and design assistance, all valued at $250, included in business subscriptions

Team does it for you.

Done For You Campaigns

Hire the KickoffLabs team to design, develop, and deploy your next viral campaign. We set it up and you just promote it! Learn more.

Agency lead generation

Agency Account Support

Manage isolated campaigns for multiple clients with one account. Create re-usable campaign templates. Transfer campaigns to client accounts. Learn more.

Contest platform that scales

Campaigns that Scale

We've run giveaways for some of the largest companies with millions of entries connected to Super Bowl commercials. We can meet your needs. Learn more.

Viral lead generation platform

Platform APIs and Script Library

Build something custom with our API, javascript library, webhooks to create custom integrations. Learn more.

Coupon code distribution.

Coupon Code Distribution

Upload a set of unique coupon codes we can distribute on entry or at set reward levels.

Instant signup

Instant Signup Links

Create signup links you can send via email to known leads or use to redirect people after taking a survey. Learn more.

Contest actions.

Contest Actions

Drive contest engagement by giving people additional actions to perform in exchange for even more entries. Learn more.

It's all legal rules.

Giveaway Rules Template

We've included a template that supports our campaign types out of box and make it easy to edit.

milestone reward image

Reward Level Milestones

Create achievement levels that anyone can earn by sharing and taking contest actions. Learn more.



Get reports on contest conversion rate, actions, and how effective your referral program is without having to install external tracking scripts. Learn more.

Form actions to ask questions post signup.

Post Signup Questions

Special contest actions where leads add their phone number or answer simple questions after signing up.

Custom landing page domains

Custom Domains

Improve brand recognition, credibility, and get discovered online easier by publishing your KickoffLabs campaign to a custom domain of your choosing! Learn more.

Lead generation form builder

Form Builder

Customize the entry form to collect name, phone number, address, or any custom field you want.


Referrals Made Easy

Leads can get additional entries or points when they tell their friends with links we provide. Learn more.

App download actions

Purchase Rewards

Contestants can earn additional entries when they make purchases or even when they refer someone that makes purchases! Learn more.

Drag and drop landing page builder

Landing Page Builder

Create dedicated landing pages for every audience without touching a single line of code in our drag and drop builder. Learn more.

leaderboard campaign symbol


Show people where they stand by adding a leaderboard to your giveaway. Learn more.

Pick a winner

Pick a Winner

Randomly draw a winner in your giveaway where leads with more entries have better odds. Learn more.



Send emails after sign up or when they reach key activity thresholds to increase engagement.

Learn more.

Fruad checks

Fraud Protection

Prevent fake contest entries and referrals from mucking up your contest. We've got tools to help with that. Learn more.

A team of chat people.

Team Accounts

Easily collaborate with team members on campaigns by inviting them to your account. Learn more.

ab testing

Smart A/B Testing

Test landing pages for your contest without losing conversions to a bad variation!

Lead phone number SMS verification.

SMS Verification

Collect verified phone numbers with SMS verification codes to ensure you're getting real leads. Learn more.

Lead generation with custom html and css

Custom CSS & HTML

Have your own designer? Add CSS to our pages or use custom HTML pages with our easy AnyForm script.


Lead Tagging

Tag, award points, and segment leads that take custom actions outside of KickoffLabs like taking a survey, downloading your app, or making a purchase.

Giveawy Countdown timer


A countdown for your campaign used on landing pages and your contest box.

Lead Generation Campaign Integrations

Integrations Built In

Push leads to your email software, add lead analytics platforms, and connect to Facebook. Learn more.