Drive Engagement and Referrals With Contest Actions

Leads can earn points or entries to advance in the contest faster by referring friends who also enter, engaging with your brand on social media, completing additional fields post signup..and more! The possibilities are endless.

Kol contest actions.

How can Contest Actions be used in your next giveaway?

Choose from over 50 actions on popular social networks such as Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, and more!

Share Actions: Referrals Made Easy

We generate custom links for every lead that they can use to refer friends. We track who signs up with those links and automatically give them points or entries for every friend that signs up.

Social Media Actions: Reward Engagement

Award additional bonus points or entries when leads complete actions such as sharing the campaign, liking a specific post, or following your business!

Form Actions: Collect More Lead Data

Ask leads to enter their phone number, for example, in exchange for additional points or entries.

Education, Link, and Custom Actions

You can give leads points or entries in exchange for watching a product video, visiting a blog entry, or viewing a product page. Custom Actions allow you to define your own engagement goals to reward leads for.

Example of a contest box with contest actions.

Get Started With Contest Actions Today

Add Contest Actions to your next contest in 6 simple steps!

Gather leads from KickoffLabs landing pages.

Choose a Campaign

From prelaunch ideas to established businesses. We have a campaign that meets everyone’s needs!

Add an action.

Add an Action

Choose from a variety of actions like sharing the camapign, visiting a profile, visting a website, or watching a video!

Add a CNAME record.

Customize Actions

Choose how many points or entries to award for completion. Customize the destination url, social handles, and copy for your action.

Publish your kickofflabs pages.

Publish Actions Live

Publish your newly created actions to your KickoffLabs pages or Contest box for leads to complete in exchange for points or entries.

Launch your campaign!

Track Activity Progress

Keep track of what platforms your brand is being engaged with the most via the activity tab in individual lead's cards.

Run another viral campaign with Kickofflabs.

Run Another Campaign

Keep the momentum going by starting another contest! Check out a loyalty campaign to award your most engaged subscribers.

Why KickoffLabs?

Offer incentives like rewards they can earn after getting a certain number of friends and family to sign up, run contests, give those who share earlier access and more!

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