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"We drove 30,000 signups just in one week alone! KickoffLabs lets us capitalize on virality, social behavior, and how you make something contagious."

Rossa Shanks - Great Little Places

Rossa Shanks

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Leads Collected

We've helped collect over 100 million new leads for our customers.


Actions Taken

How many brand engagements through social actions and referrals.


Viral Boost

The percentage of leads generated for customers from KickoffLabs viral sharing.


More Likely

How much more likely visitors convert to leads for clients if they were referred by a friend.

Walkers shortbead giveaway signup page.
Walkers shortbread contest sharing page!

Over 20 Proven Viral Marketing Campaign Templates for Clients!

Are you ready to supercharge lead generation for your clients? KickoffLabs makes you the hero that delivers measurable results from viral marketing campaigns. Our platform is designed to help you create, launch, and manage viral giveaways, contests, and launch campaigns that drive leads and sales for your clients.

Two tickets symbolizing a sweepstakes!

Bonus Entry Giveaway

A giveaway drawing where participant odds improve as they earn points.

Proven by MailChimp

Image featuring sample of the Robinhood waitlist campaign.

Prelaunch Waitlist

Leads move up a launch waiting list by telling friends and taking actions!

Proven by Robinhood

Rewards that can be reused around the entire campaign.

Reward Level Giveaway

Participants unlock rewards as they earn points through referrals and actions.

Proven by Harry's

Image highlighting an email signup campaign.

Email Opt-in Bribes

Deliver a simple instant download in exchange for someone joining your email list.

Image demonstrating newsletter referrals.

Newsletter Referrals

Grow your subscriber base with a referral campaign!

Proven by Morning Brew on KickoffLabs

A simplified view of a leaderboard giveaway icon.

Leaderboard Giveaways

Participants move up the leaderboard as they earn points by referring friends or taking other social actions.

Proven by Jet

Manage Multiple Brand Campaigns Under One Account on KickoffLabs

Every campaign contains it's own pages, pop-ups, lead list, integrations, reports, and settings for each unique brand experience.

Seamless Integrations from CRMs to Web Site Builders

We know you're using a stack of tools to manage your clients' campaigns. KickoffLabs fits right in, integrating with your existing CRMs, Zapier, email platforms, and web site builders, ensuring a smooth workflow as leads flow from the KickoffLabs giveaways.

One Click Copy Winning Campaigns

Create a winning campaign for one client? Take the same pages and settings over into a new campaign in one click, swap some copy, and run it again for the next client!

Let our Giveaway AI do Campaign Spec Work

Based on proven templates in minutes you get draft pages, popups, prize ideas, contest emails, images, and more that's already customized for that client!

Stay Compliant, Stay Secure

Navigate the complexities of data protection with ease. KickoffLabs ensures your campaigns are compliant with global regulations like GDPR and CCPA, protecting both you and your clients from data privacy concerns.

Support That Understands Agencies

We’re not just a platform; we're a partner. Our dedicated support team is here when you need them, providing the insights and assistance to keep your campaigns running smoothly.

Santana Snacks Lead Generation Landing Page

Ready to integrate into your client sites in minutes.

In a popup box, on landing pages, or pages you've built by hand for clients.

Use our hosted landing pages to run viral campaigns.

Landing Pages

Create pages in our simple editor, use our hosting, and run them on client domains.

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Example Kickofflabs waitlist popups on your site.

Popup Box

Customize a popup template, add to client sites, open with a link or on a timer.

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Example of an embedded waitlist.

Embedded Giveaways

Use a simple campaign box or embed whole KickoffLabs pages on your client sites.

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Build your HTML or use another service with our AnyForm script.

Custom Sites

Use another page builder or custom HTML with our AnyForm script or API.

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More agency favorite features

Features to make your life easier that your clients will love

Team or Client Collaboration

Empower your team with the ability to manage campaigns, add your own designers, or invite clients to read only access to reports and new lead notifications.

Team account access on KickoffLabs

Support Multiple Brands with Ease

Add multiple client domains to your account and scale success by easily replicating high-performing campaigns across multiple brands without rebuilding from scratch.

Copy a campaign and just update images.

Customizable Lead Scoring, Tagging, and Actions

Taylor engagement and scoring to match your growth goals with over 70 built in actions, create your own actions, and tag leads that complete custom events on your platform.

Example of lead actions.

Export Lead Data & Discover New Influencers

Export your lead data and use our tools to track referral progress and get detailed reports on viral sharing including who referred who, top influencers, and how many leads are coming from sharing!

Top influencers on a campaign.

Secure by default for you and your clients.

Giveaway Campaigns with Privacy and Security Built In

Advanced Fraud Protection for Enterprises

Prevent fake contest entries and referrals from mucking up your campaign. Beyond our automated tools we work with enterprise customers to identify and block bad additional actors.

Secure and Private by Default

You control your data, the PII collected, and we don't resell it. We are GDPR and CCPA compliant and offer a DPA for enterprise customers.

Two Factor Authentication

Protect account access with two factor Authentication for team members.

We label fraudulent leads.

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