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Unlocking Engagement - Guide to Hosting a Successful Facebook Giveaway

By Meagan Kral

Oct 4th, 2023

Despite what some may believe, Facebook remains one of the most frequently visited social media platforms on the internet and via mobile apps.

Chances are, as you’ve scrolled through your feed, you’ve come across posts promoting giveaways. If you’ve spent more than a few minutes on the platform and have liked the right pages, the answer is probably a resounding yes. This is just one more facet of both marketing and networking within the realm of this social media giant.

When people encounter a giveaway post, they tend to click on it, eagerly opting in by providing their email address for a shot at the offered prize. For the company orchestrating the giveaway, this translates into a substantial increase in traffic through clicks and the acquisition of valuable leads. After all, engagement is the life-line of social media.

validating startup social share

What is a Facebook Giveaway

Facebook giveaways are a subcategory under the heading of Facebook contests. In many ways, the giveaways are contests because entrants can win a prize of monetary value that will be satisfied by the business promoting the giveaway. But what many people don’t realize is setting up a giveaway is a very detailed process with many moving parts. It isn’t just a giveaway as much as it’s a promotional lottery.

There are rules, dos and don’ts, individual strategies, and the page the giveaway is staged on all play a factor in how the giveaway will function on the social media site. The most important of these are the rules.

A few standard rules when running your Facebook giveaway are:

  • You cannot run a Facebook giveaway from a personal account, only a business account.
  • You must make it crystal clear (for legal reasons) that Facebook is in no way affiliated with the company holding the giveaway.
  • You must display a link, or a list, of the official Facebook rules for your giveaway. Everything is required to be clearly visible.
  • Prizes and promotions must be handled in line with Facebook rules and guidelines.

These seem simple, but one misstep can blacklist a company from ever handling a giveaway, and there go the unique traffic opportunities. So when planning your giveaway, be sure to follow the rules to the letter. Giveaways are a wonderful chance to see some new visits to your page and your website. Businesses that use these giveaways see a tremendous uptick in clicks. It isn’t easy or cheap, but giveaways are worth the extra effort.

bidbikes giveaway example

How to Run a Successful Facebook Giveaway

It all starts with the prize. What are you willing to offer that is aligned with your business and at the same time is enticing enough to get a heap of new clicks? How much of an investment? What will be the best fit to paint the right picture that will secure your business in the giveaway contestant’s minds so they will be willing to share your giveaway with others?

Now that you know what you want to show your visitors, the real fun begins. Facebook giveaways are broken down into 6 steps that work well if you have followed the guidelines set by Facebook and have your ducks in a row. The steps are:

Set your objective. If it is marketing, networking, getting clicks, or whatever, know it before you initiate the giveaways. As we said, pick a prize that will speak to your target traffic group. You know your visitors, and communication is the best path to connecting with them. Show the rules in excruciating detail. Make it clear, make it obvious, and follow the Facebook guidelines. Create the assets. Images, graphics, and anything else you need to show everyone in your key traffic field. Promote your giveaway. Market your marketing tactic. Watch the metrics of how your giveaway pans out. You track ROI in other investments. This is just one more.  

Choosing a platform to run your giveaway can boost your odds of the campaign going at its best. Platforms like KickoffLabs will host your giveaway and ensure it follows all the guidelines to make it work smoothly.

halloween giveaway example

How to Use KickoffLabs to Run a Successful Facebook Giveaway!

Choosing a reliable and efficient platform is vital when running a Facebook giveaway. With our user-friendly platform and robust features, KickoffLabs offers the ultimate solution for maximizing the impact of your next Facebook Giveaway. Easily conect your Facebook account with our Facebook Actions, track leads & referrals, and generate leads effortlessly.

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Visit KickoffLabs and get started free with our ready to launch Facebook templates or select from our other amazing landing page design tempaltes. Already have an existing website set-up? Integrate your own external page with our Anyform integrations or KickoffLabs Contest Box. Your custom landing page would act as a main hub to your giveaway, friving vistitors to your Facebook profile and content.

Facebook campaign type

KickoffLabs automatically sets contest settings based on the Facebook campaign that you chose. For example, the scoring is set to referrals + actions which is excellent for boosting your Facebook follower count with little effort on your part. You simply design and launch the contest (with the help of KickoffLabs) and send out your launch hype announcements. As your first participants respond and enter they will be incentivized to spread the word about your contest to their network of friends and followers to earn additional entries + a change at winning the giveaway.

Facebook campaign scoring

To help gain Facebook followers even faster, our Facebook Growth campaign automatically includes Facebook specific actions that leads can take in exchange for a bonus point or two.

Facebook campaign actions

Take the difficult decision of choosing a winner off your plate by letting KickoffLabs choose the winner for you with our Pick a Winner feature! Choose from a weighted contest that increases entrant’s odds of being selected based on their participation and referrals, or opt to have the tool select a winner or winners at random. Either way, the winner is selected with no heavy lifting (or complex math skills) required on your part.

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Do’s and Don’t

Here are a handful of things NEVER to do when preparing and executing a proper and productive Facebook giveaway. Do your best not to do these few common mistakes, and you will see tons of unique traffic and a huge ROI:

  • Not defining your goals
  • Not displaying the rules
  • An illegal contest creation
  • Not following the official Facebook guidelines
  • Putting a brand as your prize that has nothing to do with your company
  • Aggressive information gathering on the sign-up
  • Not putting a mobile-friendly option. This is important because many people only search Facebook on their phones or tablets.
  • The promotion is not effective or your marketing is weak

There are a few other ways to completely botch a giveaway, but these are the biggest and most common.

coffee giveaway

Claim Your Prize

The final piece of the puzzle is the awarding of the prize. Vegas casinos have to have money to cover every chip in play on the floor because no one wants an IOU. With a giveaway, the same applies. Have your prize ready to go before you even start the giveaway. When choosing the winner, contact them immediately.

If you really want to raise public consciousness about your brand, give something away to everyone who doesn’t win. Think of it like gift bags at a party. If everyone gets a little something, it makes them think of you fondly every time they use the item, even if it is small. And especially if it is useful in other parts of your life like a digital book or photo array or cloud storage option.

Final Thoughts

Launching a Facebook giveaway is now a breeze, thanks to KickoffLabs. Harness our specialized tools and viral referral prowess to effortlessly orchestrate a captivating giveaway. Engage your desired audience, grow your followers, and elevate your brand’s Instagram profile. Why hesitate? Get started with a free account today! Kickstart your Facebook giveaway now, and witness your social media presence explode. Need help getting started? Reach out to our support team at support@kickofflabs.com.

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