Pick a Contest Winner

Run contests with ease using KickofLabs Pick a Winner feature. Select a winner at complete random or weigh the contest results!

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How Does Picking a Winner Work in KickoffLabs?

Easily select how many winners to draw, the minimum score required and whether or not to weigh the results.

Weigh the Contest or Select Winners at Complete Random

Weighing improves the odds of being selected if the lead is more active in the contest (higher score/referrals). For example if a lead has 10 points, weighing the contest could give them 10 extra entries.

Select the Number of Leads to Draw and the Minimum Score Needed to win

Choose between 1 and 1000 winners to pull and the minimum score/referrals needed to be entered into the drawing.

See the Results

We don't alert the lead that they've won. That way you can verify that they've complied with your rules before sending them an email to claim their prize.

Winner settings

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