Advanced Fraud Detection for Contests

Run contests with confidence using KickoffLabs Advanced Fraud Detection. Offer high value prizes to your most loyal customers while keeping contest cheaters out.

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How does KickoffLabs work to stop contest fraud?

This page only gives away a few of our tricks for preventing contest fraud. If we told you more we'd have to kill you.

Advanced IP Tracking

Easily configure how many signups per IP address to allow. Any signups over the set limit are automatically marked as fraud. Leads from those addresses will not count in the contest or toward the ranking.

flag duplicate ip address

Invalid Email Addresses are Flagged

After attempting to send a lead a campaign email, we’ll automatically flag them as fraudulent if the email comes back bounced. We automatically detect disposable emails (like from Mailinator and 1,000’s of other bad email domains) from being included in the contest.

flagged lead

Known Sweepstakes Site Tracking

Automatically exclude sign-ups from sweepstake sites. Signups from these sites are typically low quality leads that just want free stuff.

fraudulent lead from sweepstakes site

Captcha Features to Prevent Robot Entries

Google’s Invisible Captcha is a great first line of defense and is a non-invasive way of preventing robots from automatically signing up to your campaign. Real leads will be able to enter the contest while suspicious traffic will be prompted to complete a challenge.

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Verified Lead Campaigns

Enable Campaign Lead Verification to require individuals to manually confirm their entry in the contest via email (commonly known as double opt-in). Leads will not count in the contest until they’ve successfully confirmed their entry.

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