Use KickoffLabs Reports to Improve Your Giveaways

Get reports on contest conversion rate, actions, and how effective your referral program is without having to install external tracking scripts.

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See What Kind of Reports you can get With KickoffLabs.

Easily gauge how well your campaign is doing with our built in reporting tools.

Conversion Reporting

Access the amount of unique views, number of leads captured and percentage of leads converted in the campaign.

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Contest Actions

Easily get an overview of what actions leads are completing most in the campaign.

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Measure Contest Sharing and Reporting

Get an overview of the percentage of leads actively sharing the campaign, how many views result from the sharing, and how many leads have converted off of a share.

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Value Generated

We provide the dollar values for lead activities in your campaign based on industry standards.

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Campaign Email Reporting

Access how many emails have been sent throughout the campaign, the amount opened, and the amount of emails that have bounced.

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What Platforms Leads are Finding the Contest From

Easily get an overview of what websites leads are signing up from and any UTM parameters that have been captured.

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Integrate Popular Tracking Scripts

Install scripts from services such as Facebook, Google and Hotjar to all of the pages in the campaign with a simple copy and paste.

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See Real Success!

Check out top users' campaigns that were created using a KickoffLabs template and the drag and drop builder!

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