Why run a giveaway contest for your online store?

By Meagan Kral

Why run a giveaway contest for your online store?

You may see contests other companies are running and wonder how much it is actually doing for their brand. That’s a fair question! So we’ll give you five reasons why a giveaway contest is a good fit for where your business is right now.

The numbers don’t lie

We know you want to see tangible results when you have put forward so much energy into a campaign. So we’ll give it to you straight, many of our customers have seen some crazy growth during their contest time- but they also put in the effort to make it happen. We can’t make a zero dollar spend become a thousand dollar campaign, but we can make your say, $1000 effort feel like $1,500. Essentially your marketing effort should feel like it is stretching more than your spend, AKA big value. 

We’ve had some campaigns that have hit milestones like going from zero to $2,000 over a waitlist goal like Swingly Toys did. Check out those results here. Some have gained a huge new set of active users like Pronti.AI that earned a whopping 75k+ active users from a waitlist campaign! Check their story out here. Some have even helped others gain practical resources through webinars, in contest email collection, and referrals like WellMedic did! Learn more about how they have helped 10,000 doctors since their campaign launch here.

Social Magnet

Boost your company reach and clientele 

A webstore is the optimal place to reach clients from all over and what better way to entice people to share your brand and get involved than a fun and exciting giveaway. Running a contest can broaden your reach organically with more involvement and beneficial interaction than just boosting regular social posts. 

When setting up your campaign, you can add actions to encourage following your social pages, visiting specific informative pages on your website, watching videos and so much more. You can even set up discount codes to be sent when people reach certain levels of your campaign.

Ready for launch

Get the word out 

Whether you are running a kickstarter campaign to get your brand new company funded or you have a really exciting product launch, a waitlist contest can really help spread awareness while building a customer email list that will be beneficial in the future.

Just simply getting others to talk about your company or product is a great start! Referrals and testimonials are some of the most powerful tools to create brand awareness and trust.

Actions to earn more entries

All KickoffLabs campaigns have the option to encourage referrals for points. This is such a great way to not only have real life people recommending your brand to others, but to connect with those who are doubling your marketing efforts with those referrals. You’ll have access to data showing who your top referrers are, so you can be sure to thank them and potentially continue collaboration later!

You also can create an action to share or comment on socials for points/entries, increasing awareness as well. Whether it is a graphic to be shared on stories that promotes your brand or a post to encourage tagging friends with more info on your products, a giveaway campaign can funnel people in the right direction!

It doesn’t have to be expensive

A lot of times, worry comes in when you are planning exciting ideas for growth and the budget creeps up. Luckily, a KickoffLabs giveaway doesn’t have to hurt your pockets. We have resources to have the best giveaway with whatever budget you are working with. You can even set up your campaign with us for free and learn the ropes before you commit to any level plan. 

You may be thinking “but I can’t afford to get a big prize to give away, how will I get people interested?” 

Your giveaway can be as simple as you need it to be. You don’t have to give away a big extravagant random gift. In fact, a customized giveaway item that fits your brand can actually help attract more ideal customers who intend on returning, making your advertising budget stretch that much further in the long run. Even something as simple as a free item, download, or subscription from your store can entice the right kind of interested people. If you choose to give a discount code, you can even limit the number of winners on the leaderboard.

Low cost

With a good campaign foundation and marketing your giveaway intentionally, your giveaway can be a big success with minimal spend for you.

It’s Fun and Engaging

Plain and simple, changing the norm is an easy way to spice things up. Your brand may be killing it online with reach, sales, and your awesome feed, but sometimes stepping out of your normally scheduled programming can spark interest into new customers and of course even excite your current loyal customers. Contests are a great way to make your clientele feel special and important. Adding a giveaway can even be used as a thank you to let your people know that you couldn’t do it without them

These days, brand engagement is incredibly important. The more engagement you have, the more your content is seen and the more new viewers can read and believe in your product. A giveaway is a quick way to increase buzz to your platforms while circulating your brand.

Launch and watch social engagement grow

As you can see, there are so many positives to running a campaign at little cost to you. Running this kind of contest can set your brand apart as well as bring in future customers you wouldn’t have found otherwise. So, if you are asking “why should I do a giveaway?” we say “why not?” 

Really, what we are saying is that no matter what stage your company is in- a giveaway campaign can absolutely be for you. What is there to lose? Give us a try for free today!

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