Run Contests on Your Custom Domain

Improve brand recognition, credibility, and get discovered online easier by publishing your KickoffLabs campaign to a custom domain of your choosing!

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Why Use Custom Domains With KickoffLabs?

Run Contest Pages on a Subdomain for Existing Sites

Set-up and run contests and promotions separately from your main website. You can create a subdomain called promotions.yourdomain.com and drive your targeted traffic to that subdomain.

KickoffLabs Thank You pages is where the viral magic happens.

Launch With a Contest on a New Website

Quickly launch a new product or business without needing to set-up a main website. Whenever people visit www.yourdomain.com, they will arrive at your KickoffLabs contest page!

KickoffLabs Thank You pages is where the viral magic happens.

Connect Your Custom Domain Today

Launch your next contest on a custom domain in 6 simple steps! Need help? Reach out via support@kickofflabs.com and we'll help you get setup on the best domain for your needs.

Gather leads from KickoffLabs landing pages.

Create a Campaign

From prelaunch ideas to established businesses. We have a campaign that meets everyone’s needs!

Conect a domain.

Connect a Domain

Enter a branded domain or subdomain of your choosing to use in a KickoffLabs contest.

Add a CNAME record.

Add a CNAME Record

Paste the unique CNAME record into the DNS settings where your domain is being managed.

Publish your kickofflabs pages.

Publish Contest Pages

Publish your KickoffLabs landing and status pages to your newly connected custom domain/subdomain!

Launch your campaign!

Start Collecting Leads

Direct traffic to your published KickoffLabs pages. Multiply traffic and boost conversions with KickoffLabs Viral Contest Actions.

Run another viral campaign with KickoffLabs.

Run Another Campaign

Keep the momentum going by starting another contest! Check out a loyalty campaign to award your most engaged subscribers.

Why KickoffLabs?

Offer incentives like rewards they can earn after getting a certain number of friends and family to sign up, run contests, give those who share earlier access and more!

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