Create a Viral Giveaway in Minutes to Grow Your Business

Grow your email, text, and social media audience by running a Bonus Entry Sweepstakes where leads enter to win and then earn additional entries by referring friends and taking actions.

No credit card required to get started.

Example KickoffLabs sweepstakes campaign.

How does a Bonus Entry Sweepstakes work?

Leads enter to win and receive a personal share link and a chance to earn additional entries with referrals and social engagement you define. We automatically track everything, monitor for fraud, and help you pick a winner!

Why Run a Bonus Entry Sweepstakes?

Grow your business through engagement and referrals using a simple giveaway for a prize your audience wants!

Grow your Email & Social Audience

Cool prizes adds real incentives for leads to enter their email address, phone number, or follow you online.

Get More Referrals

Give leads a personal share link to earn bonus entries for every friend they refer. You can even set it up so if a friend wins they win!

Engage your list

Get beyond content and boring sales emails. Here your best customers can have some fun, earn bonus entries via contest actions that give them a better chance of winning. Encourage them to refer friends, add their phone number, share posts, and more!

Boost Sales

Email special offers to contest participants and add retargeting to expand the reach of your advertising campaigns. You can even award more points for purchases made during the campaign!

The Simplest Sweepstakes

You can run one as soon as you have a prize picked for your audience. You could be live in minutes using one of our templates.

Example of Contest Box PS5 Bonus Entry Sweepstakes.

Sweepstakes Variations

Mix and match features to create these common sweepstakes variations.

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Sweepstakes with Milestone Rewards

Combine sweepstakes grand prizes with rewards anyone can earn.

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Sweepstakes with a Leaderboard

Combine a random drawing with special prizes for the top 5.

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Sweepstakes Setup and Run Your Way in Minutes

Setup your campaign as a new landing page, popup, embedded box, or using existing forms on your site!

Use our hosted landing pages to run viral campaigns.

Landing Pages

Create pages in our simple editor, use our hosting, and run them on your domain.

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Example Kickofflabs waitlist popups on your site.

Popup Box

Customize a popup template, add to your site, open with a link or on a timer.

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Example of an embedded waitlist.

Embedded On your Site

Use a simple campaign box or embed whole KickoffLabs pages on your site.

Build your HTML or use another service with our AnyForm script.

Any Non KickoffLabs Page

Use another page builder or custom HTML with our AnyForm script or API.

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See Real Success!

Check out interviews with users who ran a successful giveaway with KickoffLabs.


In fact, because of what KickoffLabs offers with the identity and the fraud support, we were able to really weed out a lot of people who loaded up on email addresses trying to win, and that was really one of the things that we wanted to do.

Daniel Paul
Vice President of Marketing


And I got to tell you, it was a great move. It just was so simple and easy to work with KickoffLabs, even in a highly regulated industry like ours is, to do what we needed to do.

Daniel Paul
Vice President of Marketing


Why we decided to use KickoffLabs is because it has a lot of integrations

Features Built to Grow Your Business

Here's just a sample of the things you can do with KickoffLabs!

Referrals Made Easy

Leads can get additional entries or points when they tell their friends with links we provide.

Contest Actions

Drive contest engagement by giving people additional actions to perform in exchange for even more entries.

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Fraud Protection

Prevent fake contest entries and referrals from mucking up your contest. We've got tools to help with that.

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Custom Domains

Improve brand recognition, credibility, and get discovered online easier by publishing your KickoffLabs campaign to a custom domain of your choosing!

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Send emails after sign up or when they reach key activity thresholds to increase engagement.

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Form Builder

Customize the entry form to collect name, phone number, address, or any custom field you want.

Purchase Rewards

Contestants can earn additional entries when they make purchases or even when they refer someone that makes purchases!

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Show people where they stand by adding a leaderboard to your giveaway.

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Reward Level Milestones

Create achievement levels that anyone can earn by sharing and taking contest actions.

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Form Actions

Special contest actions where leads add their phone number or answer simple questions after signing up.

Unlimited Entries

You keep your leads... as many as you can collect. Export the list at any time.

Pick a Winner

Randomly draw a winner in your giveaway where leads with more entries have better odds.

Team Accounts

Easily collaborate with team members on campaigns by inviting them to your account.

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SMS Support

Bring viral contests directly to mobile phones. Collect phone numbers and encourage viral sharing via SMS responders!

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Smart A/B Testing

Test landing pages for your contest without losing conversions to a bad variation!

1:1 Onboarding

Get 30 minutes with a KickoffLabs expert. Get started right!

Custom CSS & HTML

Have your own designer? Add CSS to our pages or use custom HTML pages with our easy AnyForm script.

Giveaway Rules Template

We've included a template that supports our campaign types out of box and make it easy to edit.

Coupon Code Distribution

Upload a set of unique coupon codes we can distribute on entry or at set reward levels.

Campaign Management

Manage multiple giveaways or multiple clients for your agency with one account at the same time.

Lead Tagging

Tag, award points, and segment leads that take custom actions outside of KickoffLabs like taking a survey, downloading your app, or making a purchase.


A countdown for your campaign used on landing pages and your contest box.

API & Webhook Support

Build something custom with our contest API and use Webhooks to send and receive notifications about your giveaway.

Instant Signup Links

Create signup links you can send via email to known leads or use to redirect people after taking a survey.


Get reports on contest conversion rate, actions, and how effective your referral program is without having to install external tracking scripts.

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We've run giveaways for some of the largest companies with millions of entries connected to Super Bowl commercials. We can meet your needs.

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Our customers have used KickoffLabs to collect over 70 Million leads!

Almost half of those leads come from a KickoffLabs contest actions and referrals. What are you waiting for?