Landing Pages + Referral Engine = Viral Campaigns

Getting leads shouldn’t be so hard. Go beyond landing pages and add a referral engine that gives your campaigns a viral boost.

Turn your campaign viral by getting your leads to share with their friends.


Gather Your Leads Wherever They Are

Whether you already have a website or want to use one of our beautifully designed landing pages, we make it so easy to gather your leads.

Gather leads from KickoffLabs landing pages.

Landing Pages

Choose from over 45 highly customizable landing gpage templates that have been designed with conversion in mind.

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Gather leads from your own website.

Your Website

Use the forms you already have created and designed on your website by adding one snippet of code to your website.

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Gather leads using KickoffLabs widgets from any site.

Contest Box

Add our Contest Box to existing websites to bring in even more leads.

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Turn Those Leads Into Influencers

Every lead gets a unique link on their thank you page.

After each lead signs up they get assigned a unique code and customized share links that they can use to share with their friends and get credit for each friend that signs up.

KickoffLabs Thank You pages is where the viral magic happens.

Your leads share your campaign with their friends

Each thank you page comes ready with easy share links for your leads as you encourage them to tell friends, follow your brand, etc.

Your leads share your campaign with their friends on facebook.


Friends Sign Up to Create a Viral Boost

Three of their friends visit your page and sign up.

As customers refer new leads to your campaign they will in turn bring even more new leads to your campaign.

The KickoffLabs viral magic that happens when your friends share and their friends sign up.

Reward and recognize leads for referring friends

When someone does you a solid we can let them know via email and updating the stats on their thank you page.

Reward leads for getting their friends to sign up.

The new leads sign up and share with their friends too!

As friends refer their friends who refer their friends you experience something we call a viral boost. We have reports on how effective your page is performing on this metric.

Turn your campaign viral by getting your leads to share with their friends.

How to get your new leads to share with their friends.

Offer incentives like rewards they can earn after getting a certain number of friends and family to sign up, run contests, give those who share earlier access and more!

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How to get your new leads to share with their friends using KickoffLabs campaign types


Start With Basic Campaign Building Blocks

Unlimited Landing Pages

There are no limits on the number of landing and thank you pages you can create.

Landing Page Designer

Completely customize your landing page with our easy to use landing page designer.

Campaign Emails

Deliver opt in bribes, remind them to tell friends, and let your leads know when they've earned points.

Lead Manager

Our light-weight CRM allows you to search, sort and filter your leads. Create custom audiences and add tags to categorize leads.


Add Our Unique Features

Take your campaign to the next level with the feature combinations you won't see anywhere else.

Personalized Contest Greetings

Create a personal greeting on your campaigns for visitors from their own friends to dramatically boost your conversion rates!

Advanced Fraud Protection

Prevent fake contest entries and referrals from mucking up your campaign. We've got some tools to help with that.

Intelligent A/B Testing

We'll automatically optimize your test in real time so you don't lose leads while validating your message.

Lead Demographic Data

Get a more complete picture of every lead with access to age, location, and social profile data.

Viral Boost Analytics

Access important conversion data at a glance, understand where leads come from, and whether or not they are referring friends.