A small team that believes marketing should be more engaging and simpler to manage.


Why KickoffLabs...

We’re here to help you grow your audience so you can reach new customers. We believe in simple tools that create smarter campaigns that amplify your audience by delivering higher conversion rates and social engagement. We help established businesses grow and new businesses launch.

Any dumb tool can generate a landing page for you. But a smarter campaign with KickoffLabs creates engagement and delivers more return on investment than traditional techniques.

Our campaigns leverage the combined power of conversion-focused landing pages and widgets, social media referrals for increased virality, and regular follow-up through email.

The KickoffLabs Team

Josh Ledgard - Founder, KickoffLabs

Josh Ledgard

Founder Red Sox Fan

email / twitter / blog

Scott - Founder, KickoffLabs

Scott Watermasysk

Founder Yankees Fan

email / twitter / blog

Meagan - Customer Support, KickoffLabs

Meagan Kral

Customer Support


Meagan - Customer Support, KickoffLabs

Gabe Ledgard

Summer Intern


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Customer Success

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