From NFT Launch to Brand Boost - The Giveaway Guide

By Meagan Kral

From NFT Launch to Brand Boost - The Giveaway Guide

In 2023, NFT trading volume hit $946 million. This means that NFTs are making a comeback from their dip in 2022, and more people want to get their virtual hands on one (or many). NFTs are great tools to use when rewarding and engaging with clients and followers, networking, or as a marketing technique. If you want to run an NFT giveaway but aren’t sure where to start — KickoffLabs can help! We’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to build your brand by running a successful NFT giveaway.

A giveaway is an event to promote your business, platform, or content. Giveaways typically appeal to everyone (who doesn’t love free stuff?) and can help you increase your exposure and grow your online community. If you haven’t run a giveaway before and have a couple of minutes to spare, take a moment to check out our 10-minute guide on how to set up a giveaway before reading on. Or, if you don’t have the time, you could simply bookmark this checklist to use later on to ensure you’re not missing any vital steps when you get started.

Why Choose an NFT Giveaway?

As we’re sure you know, everyone from Dolly Parton to Paris Hilton has released NFTs in the past few years. With NFTs, you can offer your followers and clients rare digital art, limited edition collectibles, event tickets, or even special access to digital content. Offering your followers a chance to see or receive something they can’t get anywhere else is a great way to attract an audience, and NFTs are exactly that.

Participants of your giveaway can win the free Non-fungible tokens by signing up or completing entry tasks like sharing your giveaway on social media, submitting their email addresses or crypto wallet addresses, or referring friends. The best part? NFTs can have various attributes associated with them, making the prizes more customizable and exciting than traditional giveaways.

When people see you’re giving away an NFT, they’ll be more than willing to follow you on your social accounts, join your Discord server, or tag their friends in your post just to have a chance at a free Non-fungible Token. This adds tons of traffic to your site, socials, and other platforms via clicks and lead generation. Looking for an almost guaranteed way to build your brand? Keep reading for 5 simple steps to do that with an NFT giveaway.

Before Starting Your NFT Giveaway

  1. Be Wary of Scams! Phony replica stores or copycats often use the same design as legitimate NFT stores, even going so far as to replicate their logos. Use reputable sources when acquiring or minting your NFT prize to ensure you don’t end up with a fake “rare” item.

  2. Have a Solid Marketing Plan The only way for people to know about your NFT giveaway is for you to tell them. Giving away free NFTs in multiple repetitive Twitter posts, for example, will not garner brand loyalty but will likely only attract a crowd looking for a freebie. Make sure you have a solid marketing strategy in place for how you will spread the word either through social media, ads, twitch, or other platforms where you can reach your user base most effectively. Make sure you take time to create ads and other marketing tools that would appeal to your user base and potential new clients or followers.

Grizzly example

How to Use KickoffLabs to Set-up Your Next NFT Giveaway!

When it comes to running a buzzworthy NFT giveaway, utilizing a reliable and efficient platform is key. With robust features and an intuitive interface, KickoffLabs provides the ultimate hassle-free solution for driving engagement through an NFT giveaway. Seamlessly connect your Twitter and Discord accounts, ask leads to enter their crypto wallets, track giveaway entrants and referrals, and attract new followers effortlessly with our Contest Actions.

nft campaign

Getting started with an NFT giveaway at KickoffLabs is simple. Choose from ready-made NFT giveaway templates or select from other customizable landing page designs. Already have a website? Easily integrate your own external page with KickoffLabs pop-ups or Anyform. Your custom landing page acts as the central hub, directing giveaway entrants to connect their crypto wallets and follow your brand. With KickoffLabs, you can quickly launch an NFT giveaway to engage your audience and promote your digital assets.

nft giveaway template

With KickoffLabs, NFT giveaway settings are automatically configured to boost engagement. For example, scoring prioritizes referrals and social actions - perfect for expanding your follower count. Simply design and launch your NFT giveaway campaign with our user-friendly platform. As the first participants enter and connect their wallets, they’ll be motivated to spread the word to their networks for more chances to win. KickoffLabs incentivizes referrals so your NFT giveaway reaches more users interested in your brand and NFT.

nft scoring

To help gain followers even faster, our NFT campaign automatically includes NFT specific actions that leads can take in exchange for a bonus point or two.

Easily select NFT giveaway winners with KickoffLabs’ “Pick a Winner” tool. Choose weighted options that increase odds for highly engaged entrants, or go random. Either way, KickoffLabs handles winner selection seamlessly so you don’t have to worry about complex calculations. The platform automatically picks winner(s) based on your chosen criteria, taking the hassle out of drawing and notifying winners yourself. With KickoffLabs, you can effortlessly run a fair, hassle-free NFT giveaway from start to finish.

pick a winner

Steps of a Successful NFT Giveaway

tungo example

Giving away a free NFT will garner you and your brand a lot of attention, and if you follow these steps, you’ll ensure it will also lead to more subscribers, users, and customers.

  1. Drop Your NFT To create an NFT people will want to own, you need to create a compelling story that supports your NFT project. What is the value you want to deliver? What’s the journey you want to take buyers on? These questions are essential to your brand’s NFT and success as a giveaway item. One of the most successful NFTs (Bored Ape Yacht Club) was launched with a narrative and a vision. The Apes live in the future, where they hang out at a yacht club with wealthy crypto investors. The project came with an entire story world, one people wanted to buy into. Create a story your userbase will want to be a part of — and you’re on your way to brand success.

  2. Choose Your Marketplace Once you have your NFT, you need to decide where you’ll sell it and which blockchain you’ll mint (create) it on. If you want to lower upfront costs, you could mint your NFTs on Ethereum and sell them on OpenSea. Alternatively, you could sell your NFTs straight from your own website. This option gives you more control over the NFT launch and saves your followers from the high gas fees that come with Ethereum. Choosing a marketplace goes together with choosing a blockchain. You have to research which blockchains are environmentally friendly, have lower gas fees, or offer interoperability (the ability to transfer your NFTs between blockchains). Before minting your NFTs, make sure you understand the different marketplace and blockchain options available and choose what’s makes sense for your project and brand goals.

  3. Set up NFT smart contracts Smart contracts determine the value proposition of your NFT collection. Make sure to establish what your NFTs will offer, if not through code in your smart contracts, then on your website. Features like royalties, rarity, and mint amount are fixed after the initial minting, so these smart contracts must be well thought through before minting your NFT. The smart contract is also where the giveaway winner’s wallet addresses can be programmed. At the end of a free mint giveaway, the winner can buy into an NFT at a lower price and be guaranteed a chance to mint an NFT. When the addresses are put into your smart contract, only those users using a wallet whose address has been captured on the blockchain can mint your NFT. This lets you publicly share your website address since only those winners can mint your NFT. The benefit of including the winner’s wallet address in the smart contract is that you can offer a free mint, and the buyer pays the gas fee, not the seller.

  4. Determine the rules of the giveaway Every giveaway needs rules to ensure the fairness of the game. We’ve created a best practices guide here along with a boilerplate template to help get your giveaway started on the right track. You can also download a copy of the template here. The most significant factor to consider is how fun or exciting your giveaway will be for your user base. Make sure you avoid creating situations where fans all have to take the same action, but only the first few get in (such as the first ten people to like this post). This tactic might create some excitement initially, but will put off others quickly once the first few people have completed the task.

rules template

You also don’t want to exclude any of your users from participating, this means keeping costs fair and not requiring niche crypto knowledge to participate. Opening up your giveaway to as many contestants as possible means you can create more community engagement and bring in more users.

Some giveaways require contestants to follow or retweet a post, while others may involve submitting a piece of fan art judged by a panel or hosts. If you want to see more giveaway examples, check out this overview on Kickoff Labs, and choose the template that you think will create the most exposure for your brand.

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Follow-Up After The Giveaway

Properly rewarding NFT giveaway participants and announcing winners publicly is essential. If winners aren’t revealed, entrants may doubt the legitimacy of the giveaway and assume it was fraudulent. With KickoffLabs, you can seamlessly notify winners and share results across platforms to maintain trust and transparency. Announcing winners validates the experience for participants and reinforces your brand’s integrity.

We’ve included top best practices to ensure ending your campaign is a success:

  • Update your landing page with a “Giveaway Ended” message once it finishes.
  • Make a new social media post tagging and congratulating the winner(s). Public announcements build trust and excitement.
  • Share the results in Instagram Stories and highlight them so they remain visible. This drives further engagement.
  • Email winners directly as an additional notification if they missed social media updates.
  • Send a follow-up email to non-winners thanking them for participating. Consider including a special discount or free gift to delight them and incentivize future participation.

Use KickoffLabs to run Your Viral Campaign

Running a successful NFT giveaway takes strategic planning and robust tools. With KickoffLabs, you can easily create hype, drive traffic, and boost engagement with a tailored giveaway campaign. Our user-friendly platform handles the heavy lifting - from custom landing pages to seamless winner selection and notifications. Whether you’re looking to grow your audience, promote a new NFT drop, or simply reward loyal followers, KickoffLabs has everything you need to run an exciting, effective NFT giveaway. Start free today to connect with the NFT community and take your brand to the next level!

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