KickoffLabs done for you services

Hire the KickoffLabs team to design, develop, and deploy your next viral campaign. You focus on your product and campaign promotion while we take care of the campaign setup.

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We know you're busy. Let us handle creating your campaign and getting you launch ready

How does it work?

We offer pre-defined packages to meet your campaign setup requirements. In these packages we work with you to create the copy, incentives, and conversion optimized page design.

  1. Schedule a discovery call with a KickoffLabs design expert
  2. Within 7 days of the initial consultation we’ll have a draft of the landing pages ready for review
  3. You respond with feedback and we begin work on revisions based on that feedback
  4. Within 7 days of the feedback being received the campaign will be ready to go live
  5. You end up with an amazing campaign that leverages all the best practices we've learned after helping with thousands of campaigns!
It's that easy!

Customer page using our beautiful landing page templates

Launch Your campaign in as Little as 7 days

Whether you're in a pre-funding stage and needing a waitlist campaign, or you're already launched and want to create some customer loyalty..we can create the perfect campaign to meet your needs!

Check out the different types of campaigns we can create here.

ALTA landing page designed by kickofflabs

What to expect with KickoffLabs done for you

  • Meet for 30 minutes with a KickoffLabs marketing expert to begin the project and gather required information.
  • Signup & Thank You pages: A conversion focused landing page chosen for the campaign and customized based on branding, images, and content suggestions from our consultation. We'll then design a A second landing page that visitors will see after they sign up that encourages sharing
  • KickoffLabs trigger mails: We'll help set-up a series of auto-reply and reward-level mails to keep your audience engaged
  • Integration set-up: KickoffLabs integrates with several external platforms, including Zapier
  • A/B testing: Our smarter A/B tests will help increase the reach of your marketing efforts from day one and beyond
  • Custom Domain Setup: We make sure the campaign is running on the URL of your choice. No extra work on your part.
  • Shopify Rewards Basic Set-up: We'll do all the code work for you when it comes to integrating with your Shopify store
  • Ongoing support: Our team of experts will assist with further optimizing your campaign post launch. We'll assist with and suggest changes once we see how your audience reacts!

Example beautiful landing page designed by KickoffLabs