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5 Ways to Spark Joy and Get More Leads With Less Effort

Marie Condo. Yes – our most recent webinar was strongly influenced by her hit show. Our goal was to demonstrate how you can apply the KonMari method to your lead generation campaigns. Most of you are trying too hard. I know… because I get to see the stats at KickoffLabs and you’d be shocked at…

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Monday Motivation: Just say NOPE to the expectations holding you back.

We all put unreasonable expectations on ourselves and this holds us back. They hold us back from launching new ideas or growing our businesses.Whether or not these expectations come from the media, the competition, or our own unreasonably high standards you have to let them go! You have to tell them “Nope. Not today!” You don’t…

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Side Hustle Now and Boost Your Income With 17 Free Ideas

There’s never been a better time to boost your income with a side hustle. In this post I’ll explore some great ideas and tell you how to get started tonight. BTW – This isn’t just another “listicle”. I’ve personally run several of these hustles to get KickoffLabs off the ground and earn extra money for my…

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Taking a stand… and how everyone reading this can help

Today (8/14/2017) we updated the Terms of Service at KickoffLabs to make our stance on hate crystal clear: Hate speech, harassment, bullying, and threats will not be tolerated on the KickoffLabs platform. I’ve included the full text of the update at the bottom of this post. While we believe in free speech we do not believe that…

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Introduction to using Google AdWords for Lead Generation

Search advertising is a great way to get in front of your customers, generate leads, or test interest in new business ideas. Users show intent that they recognize there is a problem and may already be searching for a solution you can provide. This makes search advertising very powerful because you are able to get…

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Introduction to Advertising for Lead Generation

Lead generation and obtaining new customers are two of the most important things your business needs to do. KickoffLabs makes the process of lead generation easy, but you still need to drive targeted traffic to your landing pages. There are several channels you can use to drive traffic such as organic search, social media, and…

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KickoffLabs 2017 Dashboard Update

We recently updated the KickoffLabs application with a new dashboard experience. Our goals with this update included: Improve the speed of the application.Simplify the experience for common tasks. Make campaign functionality easier to discover, implement, and manage. We did this a few ways. In addition to speeding up the dashboard with new technology. We made some key changes. Separated…

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Copywriting for Landing Pages Part 3: Launch and Contest Pages

This is part 3 of a 4 part series that shares the best copywriting advice we’ve ever written. Part 1 talked about doing the proper research with some general rules. Part 2 got really practical with specific rules, guidance and examples. Part three will tackle the special case of copywriting for contest pages. Don’t forget…

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Copywriting for Landing Pages Part 2: Getting Tactical & Practical

This is part two of a 3 part series on copywriting for lead generation landing pages. Part one discussed the type of research you should do and questions to ask yourself before you start writing copy. You can read it here.Part two gets more tactical. We’ll cover my own checklist of things to look out for…

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