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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Giveaway Ideas to Boost Engagement

Get the viral boost you’re looking for with a Black Friday/ Cyber Monday giveaway. Customers love a good deal, but they love a chance to win something exciting even more! Get launched in no time with help from this article and our included templates. If you are still needing some inspiration, visit this blog for bonus ideas!

Halloween Giveaway Ideas to Boost Engagement

Boost your engagement for the holidays with a Halloween giveaway! There’s no better way to scare up more leads with an engaging Halloween giveaway. The best part is, you can get launched in no time with help from this article and our included templates. 

Thanksgiving Holiday Giveaway Ideas to Boost Engagement

The holidays are a great time for sharing quality time, giving, and general excitement all around. That makes it the perfect recipe for lead generation and boosting engagement! Here are some ideas to launch your next simple holiday giveaway in no time, plus templates you can use. 

What is Engagement Marketing and Why It's Critical

If you are a part of the marketing world, then you know that the biggest keyword for a while now has been “engagement”. In the context of digital marketing, engagement is defined as how consumers interact directly with your brand. This can be through many different actions, including clicks, likes, comments, and shares. Engagement is important to your brand because it not only increases your reach and relevance over the internet, it can potentially create profitable relationships between you and your customers.

What to Look for In a Giveaway Platform

Running an online giveaway is a great way for your business to boost engagement and attract new leads. Thanks to the large number of giveaway tools and platforms currently available, running a giveaway can be a fairly straightforward process. But with so many options, how do you know which one to use for your giveaway? Before you commit to a giveaway platform, here’s what you should look for:

Social media marketing: Turn posts into profit with with these seven key tips

These days, we’re all addicted to social media… and we all wonder about people that aren’t. But it’s not uncommon that I hear business owners engaged in social media, unable to see any traction outside a few fans here and a handful of comments there. For them, the benefit doesn’t outweigh the cost and they’re left demanding, “what’s the point?!” This is a valid sentiment and a fair question.