Nudge Bar: Welcome visitors with targeted messages

Customized messages in a top bar depending on that drives campaign engagement and conversions.

Animated greeting with the nudge bar.

No Code, Add Copy, and Install

Customize and install your branded welcome bar effortlessly in just a matter of minutes.

Shared Styling

Set your brand colors once and we'll apply them across the nudge variations automatically.

Simple Editing

Customize the message and button text in any language, enable the nudge and it's ready to install.

No Code Install

When enabled, Nudge Bar will begin to automatically display on any KickoffLabs built page. For external sites, simply paste the script into the header. It's that easy.

customize nudge bar

Smart Messages For Leads

Go beyond a one size fits all welcome on your website. Here are examples of customized messages you can show on any KickoffLabs campaign!

Greet Visitors

Invite site visitors to join your contest, or share other important messages!

refer a friend

Remind Leads to Verify

Boost participation by displaying a reminder to leads to verify to be included in the contest.

view referral reports

Referred by a Friend

Greet friends and invite them to the contest with a custom message.

refferal tracking

Contest Reminders

Customize a special message for existing leads, remind them to share, or install the Nudge Bar onto an external website to make it easy for lead's to check their stats!

see top referrals

See Real Success!

Check out top users' campaigns that were created using a KickoffLabs template and the drag and drop builder!

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