Run KickoffLabs Giveaway Campaigns With Team Members

Easily collaborate with team members on campaigns by inviting them to your account. Grant write or read only access or delegate someone as a team manager to get up and running faster.

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How Do KickoffLabs Teams Work?

Choose exactly which campaigns you would like invitees to access and what type of privileges they should have.

Manage Your Team

Invite team members and view existing permissions, all from one dashboard.

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Author Access

Easily invite someone to specific campaigns without sharing your entire account.

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Read Only Accounts

Need someone to run reports or import leads? Delegate read only access to the campaign.

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Invite a Team Manager

Delegate trusted colleagues full access to all of the campaigns in your account. Full access members can do everything except view sensitive details like billing or plan information.

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See Real Success!

Check out top users' campaigns that were created using a KickoffLabs template and the drag and drop builder!

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