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Why startups should never be your target market

imageI have a confession. I love our customers but, in general, I hate startups. You shouldn’t start, join, or try to build a business that targets them.  The startup world feels more like a deafening echo-chamber of self promoting “house flippers” more interested in vanity metrics and celebrity status on lame tech blogs than building a business. 

Author using KickoffLabs to raise awareness about the lean movement in healthcare

Author Mark Graban is the latest customer to take us up on this offer. He is capturing info for a new book that will be published in April 2012 and he is also using [KickoffLabs](https://kickofflabs.com to gauge interest in an audio book version of his first book.  What I love about Mark is that he is championing the use of lean methodologies outside of the software industries. How could healthcare strive for continuous improvement??  Sign up Now and find out!