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3 New KickoffLabs Viral Contest Themes

By Josh Ledgard

Sep 17th, 2014

We’re extremely excited to be presenting to you not 1, not 2, but 3 brand new viral contest themes, each specifically designed to deliver a unique contest experience and help increase your signup and conversion rates.

Time-constrained? We produced this short vid just for you!

Viral Giveaway – Single Opt In Contest Theme


First up, we’ve built for you a simple, elegant and effective contest theme which is using the standard single step opt in process.

Where people would put in their email address (and any other form fields that you might have) then hit send!


This is the traditional, most standard type of form that you’ve seen all over the web and works very well for collecting leads.

Viral Giveaway – Double Opt In Contest Theme


Next up, we have a new double opt in process, that pops open the signup form when your visitor clicks on the button. When they click, a modal window pops-up and they’re presented with the email input along with the main send button.

When you use this double opt in process, it creates an overlay and all other elements on the page are sent to the background and the focus is only on the signup form. No distracting text, images or any other elements to deter your visitors focus.

How do we know this kind of signup process works?

We modeled this theme based on some previous experiments, where some renowned marketers have been able to achieve over 50% increase to their conversion rates by testing against a normal signup form.

To us that totally makes it worth implementing into the KickoffLabs platform for you and your business to take advantage of.

Also to note, our email capture lightbox takes up full screen width, which is extremely important for providing a good experience for mobile visitors. According to our own internal data, almost 50% of landing page leads are coming in through mobile devices.


If the lightbox appears tiny on the device, it’s hard for a person to sign up without pinching and pulling just to input their email. Rest assured that all your traffic can enjoy the same contest signup experience.

Viral Giveaway – Triple Opt in Contest Theme


And last but not least, we have the triple opt in process, which asks your visitor a question and gets them going through what’s called a “yes ladder”, sometimes called the “foot in the door” technique, and can be a very powerful way of convincing people into giving up their email address.

There’s a great social experiment from the 60’s that concluded: Once someone has agreed to a small request, that person is more likely to agree to a larger request. Asking someone for a small request 52.8% of them actually complied with the second request

Really, this comes into play in both our new double and triple opt in processes, where we are using a series of steps (more than one), to fulfill our request from people… but has more emphasis in this triple opt in process…


The gamification of the theme is inspired by AppSumo’s in-house contests, where they’ve been consistently releasing one viral contest after another. Use these proven tactics for increasing your engagement and conversion rates!

Shared Elements


Going into the landing page editor, you’ll see plenty of new options for customizing your theme to match your brand or business perfectly.

Just like all KickoffLabs themes, you can easily start customizing any of the text, colors, images, etc right away. Simply click on any text that you’d like to change and the preview will update instantly.

We’ve made sure to make it super easy for you to add in your own custom video, images, any kind of text formatting… really the design possibilities are endless!

Here’s a shortlist of the extensive new options that you’ll find available:

  • To give more focus to your copy and call-to-action, we’ve added in an optional blur background blur, so everything is easier to read.

  • We’ve added an optional 3D button to add depth and make the CTA button stand out.

  • There’s a new advanced email validation, which checks that an email is valid without your visitor even having to click to verify that the email is correctly typed in. This kind of inline validation is a great visual cue for giving your visitors real-time feedback of their signup progress.
  • An optional countdown timer that can be added or removed with a simple click.
  • The theme automatically adapts to your changes and customization.
  • Tons of flexibility without having to write a single line of code!

  • There’s a whole lot more to discover, launch your contest today and get all the benefits of a KickoffLabs viral contest theme!

The Viral Loop


You may have noticed that each and every new signup gets their own unique referral link.

This built-in virality, exclusive to KickoffLabs, is the secret sauce behind successful campaigns and it’s how good contests get over 50% of their entries, by friends referring friends!

So it’s not always about the prize, it’s about creating an effective viral loop and including a great incentive. Easy to do if you’re using KickoffLabs, we give you the tools to measure ALL your critical metrics, and even reward people for sharing.

Want to learn more about the benefits of using KickoffLabs to power your contests?

Visit https://kickofflabs.com/campaign-types/sweepstakes/ for more details…


Ready to launch a killer social contest?

To get started with these new themes, just go into your KickoffLabs dashboard and select, Add Landing Page, scroll down to the contest themes section, and choose your favorite!

If you’re not yet a KickoffLabs customer and would like to start using these themes to power your contests, SIGN UP FOR YOUR FREE ACCOUNT NOW!

Launch your contest today and let KickoffLabs do the hard work of making your page look beautiful and work flawlessly.


Thanks and here’s to higher contest conversion rates!

-Izzy Palmerin, Growth and Conversion Rate Optimization at KickoffLabs

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