CastingCode.tv wants to broadcast your code

By Josh Ledgard

Our second feature is CastingCode.tv.  I’m a sucker for any ideas that make it easier for people to collaborate or learn from anyone and anywhere in the world. This idea fits the bill perfectly.  Give them some of your attention:

Tell us about CastingCode.tv

Casting Code PreviewWe are working to bring live streamed coding sessions to the web. There are a lot of great screencasting sites that demonstrate various technologies for software developers. Here at CastingCode.tv, our goal is to focus on more raw, live coding events where folks can come and watch developers write code and teach in real-time. Whether it’s a developer casting code from their home, a presenter streaming their desktop from a local user group, two competitors battling it out in a live coding competition or a craftsman performing his Kata for all to see, we hope to bring it all to you, live on the web. We even have some other ideas in the works that we hope will take online teaching and support to a whole new level!

We will also have a library of on-demand screencasts, containing archives of our live events as well as some rehearsed and edited screencasts on a number of technologies and coding techniques.

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Who or what inspires you and why?

Our passion is to watch other developers write code and see how they work day to day. We love picking up on the little techniques here and there as someone crafts some code using their favorite set of tools. Watching someone do something they love, in a live environment can be quite educational and also a lot of fun! We not only have fun watching others code, but we have a blast being the one that is *doing* the live coding for an audience.

What advice do you have for anyone just getting started with a new business?

Just do it! You know those ideas you’ve had for years that you’ve tabled for whatever reason? Now is the time to at least see if those ideas have potential. It’s so easy and cheap to get started these days. And many times you can explore those ideas without starting to build anything, which ensures you don’t go off and build something that nobody wants.

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What do you like most about KickoffLabs?

Simple design, easy to use, top-notch support. The ability to very easily get a email list started to gauge interest in your idea is killer. KickoffLabs will definitely continue to be a key part of launching my online businesses in the future. Fantastic!

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