Kube collects 30K emails by “faking it before making it”.

"Using KickoffLabs, our list grew organically from 100 early adopters to 30,000 raving fans. With $0 in paid advertising!"

- Sam Cimamonti, Founder at Kube

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Kube is an on-demand book box, made by booksellers who pick & send the perfect book matched to your tastes.

We wanted to validate the idea and see how many people shared the same problem.

“Initially, we started out talking directly to people in niche forums and groups on social networks. But the process was time-consuming and people had a hard time visualizing the offering without a ‘real product’ to show.

Inspired by the Harry’s Launch, we put together a great looking landing page using KickoffLabs Harry Signs Up landing page template and pretend that we had a real product."

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"We faked it by putting our logo and some black tape onto an empty cardboard box. It made the product feel real and was an easy way to measure product/market fit.”

We offered the product as the reward

"By referring friends to sign up, leads could increase their chances of winning. The more friends they brought on to the campaign, the better their chances of winning.""

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Since the number of referrals each lead has is automatically tracked and accounted within KickoffLabs, it was easy to pick the winners when the contest ended.”

Our social media following grew in the process.

“After people signed up, they would receive an automated thank you/welcome email sent via KickoffLabs. This would encourage people to share their personal referral links… but also to follow us on social media and was a catalyst in growing our community.

Even with a month old Facebook Page, our Organic Facebook Reach (how many people you can reach for free) exceeded 20,000 people.”

Results skyrocketed.

“The goal was to capture at least 1,000 people during the pre-launch campaign. We collected over 32,000 leads!"

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$0 was spent doing paid advertising, all the traffic that reached the campaign was organic with 69.9% coming from referrals. KickoffLabs takes people from your subscriber list and turns them into influencers to get more people signing up.

Kube conversion rates

"Thanks to this type of referral word-of-mouth marketing we gained a lot of traction, press attention and partnership deals.”

We wanted the maximum amount of those leads to purchase.

“1,000 Kube sold in 4 hours during the 1st batch of pre-orders. And since then, almost 20% of those leads have made a purchase.

The business today has around 1,000 monthly paying customers… most of which are people who registered on the KickoffLabs landing page!

It worked so well, we plan on launching another campaign to multiply our leads considerably.”

Sam Cimamonti, Founder at Kube

-Sam Cimamonti, Founder at Kube

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