Great Little Place grows their email list by 110k subscribers

"We wanted to collect 100,000 email addresses through the pre-launch campaign."

-Rossa Shanks, Co-Founder of Great Little Place

Northwood 50% Conversion Rate

GreatLittlePlace wanted to grow their existing audience before launching the new GLP mobile app.

The anticipation of something can really contribute to the excitement of it.

“If we can build up an audience before we launch that helps from a distribution point of view.

We wanted to launch with a big bang... with that organic wave."

We got our web developer to build a custom landing page.

"...then used KickoffLabs Anyform widget to plug in the custom built landing page to KickoffLabs."

Great Little Place landing page

Going viral used to be a lot easier.

“Facebook impressions have diminished. We turned to ads driving people to our pre-launch sign-up page, and that’s been working for us to great effect.

An ironic byproduct is the additional 40,000 likes in the last week… people have seen ads and they’re tagging themselves in them. That’s working really well.”

I think we drove 30,000 signups just in one week alone!

“KickoffLabs lets us capitalize on virality, social behavior, and how you make something contagious.”

Great Little thank you pop up.

My goal was to get over 30% conversion rate.

"When we first started, the conversion rates were like 27%. The team at KickoffLabs gave us some great advice and we made some fundamental changes which instantly saw results."

Great Little Place conversion rates.

"I’m happy to say it’s just under 32% over the whole period.”

Rossa Shanks, Co-Founder of Great Little Place

-Rossa Shanks, Co-Founder of Great Little Place

Watch the full video interview to learn  more about the Great Little Place story & strategies they used KickoffLabs to launch a new product for an existing company.