Beerhammer generated buzz for Kickstarter campaign with 90% viral boost!

"All the money aside, to me the biggest success was having a community of people that believed in what I wanted to do, and were passionate about craftsmanship and my cause."

- Luke Brown, Craftsman & Founder of Cedar Horse Workshop

Drowning in Beerhammer boxes to be shipped

A contest created a sense of urgency…

"Using KickoffLabs Viral Giveaway theme (with a timer option), I was running referral contests on a weekly basis to give people incentive to keep sharing. After the timer had rundown, I would email people and tell them the contest had been reset.

Even though the campaign lasted 3 months, every time somebody came to the page it felt like there was urgency."

Beerhammer thank you page

Make it exciting and give people a chance to win something

The beer hammer campaign encouraged people to share by allowing them improve their odds of winning a FREE beer hammer with each friend they referred.

Beerhammer landing page

The Result: Successful Launch after a 90% Viral Boost

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