Acompli sees explosive growth using KickoffLabs


“We were using KickoffLabs to drive all our leads to the beta because we could allow people to promote and share with their friends.”

-Kevin Henrikson, lead engineer for Outlook mobile. Previously co-founder of Acompli.


Acompli is an amazing email application available on Android and iOS. They started as a KickoffLabs customer, going well beyond that being recently acquired for $200 million dollars by Microsoft.

The idea of a launch page was simple…

“Validate the idea with more people outside of our own scope. We used the KickoffLabs API to connect our custom landing page to the KickoffLabs platform.”

The launch landing page exploded the number of users that signed up.

“We used some of the viral features built into KickoffLabs by sending an email to our list saying that the the top referring people would get more invites.

Instantly, we would see people posting on Reddit or writing blog posts trying to promote it! That was what we were trying to create.

Having people game against each other to see if they can refer other people to get to the top of the list worked well.”
Acompli on NBC News

We can track signups from all the places to launch an app.

“There’s about 100 different sites where you can submit your launch. Whenever I shared links with one of these, I would post a KickoffLabs link with a referral code.

This allows us to track who was driving pre-registrations based on the source.”

The first few emails were sent through KickoffLabs.

“We would market to users with the automatic thank you email, influencer email & viral incentive emails.

We also integrated with MailChimp to push leads from KickoffLabs.”

We’re not going to talk about exact numbers, but…

“Prior to launching the company we had less than 10,000 users.

After using KickoffLabs and prior to launching in the app store, we had tens of thousands.”

-Kevin Henrikson, lead engineer for Outlook mobile. Previously co-founder of Acompli.

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