50% conversion rate - no coding required

"I got a 50% conversion rate on my landing page using social referrals - without coding. After 2.5 weeks of having my site up, these are the stats…"

-Stephen Turliuk, Northwood Sunglasses

Northwood 50% Conversion Rate

Northwood Sunglasses are made from wood and hemp fibre. These glasses are sleek and fashionable, and make a statement. That statement, for Northwood, is sustainability.

We used KickoffLabs to build our launch contest, without coding.

“A good email list is important. I set out to build my ideal landing page to capture emails and promote a product launching on Kickstarter.

I wanted my page to have a simple call to action - giving us their email (and optionally like our Facebook page).

Also, the ability to incentivize and reward people for sharing the page and getting friends to sign up."

Northwood landing page

KickoffLabs won me over with its support.

"I emailed asking how to change a few things, and a co-founder messaged me back in 20 minutes offering to do changes for free.

They host webinars reviewing pages and mine ended up getting a free professional review!"

KickoffLabs has social referral functionality built-in.

“KickoffLabs gives people a unique URL to share with their networks, and tracks anyone who signs up from their specific link.

In my dashboard I can see exactly how many referrals each person has.

Launchrock says they have a similar feature, but I couldn't figure it out.”

Northwood thank you page and invitation to share.

Being able to show referrals helps gamify the sharing process.

“If people revisit the website it will display how many referrals they have.

I can also email them each time a friend signs up, after X# of referrals, and to reward my top ambassadors.

I got the idea from the Tim Ferriss hacking Kickstarter article.”

So far, I have about 400 emails.

"These have mostly come from posting the contest to our Facebook and Instagram account.

With our contest we encourage the fans we already had to share with their networks, bringing in people that normally wouldn't see our page.”

Stephen Turliuk, Founder at Northwood

-Stephen Turliuk, Founder at Northwood Sunglasses