Saha sees 60% conversion rate with 94% viral boost and nails a launch contest!

When Saha decided to target the 37 million Americans who don’t eat breakfast, they needed an effective campaign that would reach their audience.

See how they used KickoffLabs to grabs 20k signups with a 94% referral rate!

Glowforge thank you page.

Saha is out to redefine what it means to consume peanut butter. Their PBGO all-natural peanut butters are encased in a special stickpack design for the perfect on-the-go eating experience. Each time you purchase a Saha product, you help deliver a fortified nutritional food packet to a severely malnourished child through their giving partner.

Saha offers PBGO nut butters in Natural, Chocolate, High Energy & High Protein.

If people grab a small packet of PBGO, they’ll get a quick and nutritious energy boost.”

Saha PB Stick

We started with KickoffLabs several months in advance.

“It’s too risky to put the effort into building a product without the audience to kickstart it. We wanted to create some buzz and get the word out, meanwhile we worked on the product.”

KickoffLabs helped us build our email list.

“Email is still the best way to engage with consumers. Besides, email has the highest ROI & conversion rate compared to any other medium.

Rather than use traditional email collection methods, we wanted a more creative way to boost our number of signups.”

KickoffLabs built-in social referrals brought in 94% of leads.

“We came across the Tim Ferriss article on Harry’s Razors Launch and immediately started building something similar using a developer. We ended up wasting time when things didn’t work out… and that’s when we found KickoffLabs.

KickoffLabs provides a super useful way to incentivize people to share with friends so they can earn prizes.

It has the core social sharing functionality we were looking for. And with their flexible landing page designer, building our own custom template design was easy… you can edit pretty much everything on there.”

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"We thought we’d be lucky if we got 2,000 signups."

“This was our conclusion when we calculated our viral coefficient. We even made bets, but the outcome was definitely a surprise.

Even with how little we promoted the campaign, somehow it spread like wildfire.

KickoffLabs social sharing feature made it easy for lots of other people to do the promotion for us, with 94% of new leads coming in through referrals.

Saha conversion rate.

So far we have almost 20,000 leads."

Saha leads report.

“We’ve had a very positive experience using KickoffLabs and will be running more campaigns with the platform. But first we’re literally waiting for more product so we can support the next 20,000 subscribers!”

Aref Shehadeh at Saha

-Aref Shehadeh, Co-Founder of Saha

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