“Powered up” product launch with viral social referral sharing

"Over 38,000 people have signed up and 84% of our sign-ups have come through someone who signed up and later shared our page with a friend."

- Dan Meropol, PowerToothpaste.com

PowerToothpaste landing page

Power Toothpaste is the world’s first caffeinated toothpaste. It’ll give you a “rush while you brush”.

We needed a captive audience before launch to ensure success.

“We used KickoffLabs to build our launch contest. Creating social sharing pages is a breeze, there are great features and reporting dashboards.

Our KickoffLabs site allows users to share a custom URL with friends. The more friends who sign up, the more product they earn."

PowerToothpaste thank you page

KickoffLabs automatic email features have been great.

"After signing up, a user receives a verification email, which has cut down on spam and fraud.

Whenever a user hits a new goal, for example after five sign-ups, KickoffLabs notifies them vial email and encourages them to continue sharing.

All email addresses are automatically added to MailChimp for easy communication later on."

86.7% of signups come through referrals!

“More than 85% of people who signed up did so through someone else’s referral link. It’s fair to say the vast majority of emails collected were a result of KickoffLabs’ referral features.”

PowerToothpaste conversion rate and viral boost

We were impressed by the customer support.

“KickoffLabs support go above and beyond in helping make changes to my landing pages that I didn’t necessarily have the technical expertise to accomplish alone.

Customer support has been the most useful and surprising feature.”

KickoffLabs has been extremely effective during our pre-launch campaign.

"It’s been a few weeks since we began our pre-launch campaign with KickoffLabs and we’ve already raised

over 35,000 email addresses from interested potential customers.

This social sharing strategy has been great, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a unique and hands-off way to promote their business.”

Dan Meropol, PowerToothpaste.com

-Dan Meropol, PowerToothpaste.com

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