ComfortableBoxers gathers 35,000 emails in 2 Weeks!

“I needed a tool that tells people how many friends have signed up under their link. And that’s key, people want to keep track of their referrals and share easily as well.

KickoffLabs worked wonderfully for this and it’s very customizable too.”

– Mike Madrid, Founder of ComfortableBoxers.com

Comfortable Boxers landing page.

You need to build an audience!

I could’ve gone ahead and opened up a store on any ecommerce platform to start selling directly.

The thing is I probably would’ve launched to crickets.

The idea was getting a following before we launched. It also works as a litmus test, to gauge enough interest to merit the project going forward.

Reward people for sharing!

That’s probably the most important part of this project.

You have to assume that you can afford to give something away to begin with. You also have to have something to give away. Depending on what it is, what benefit it gives the customer and how much it resonates with them. That’s how big your company could be.

Who can say no to free underwear?

Comfortable Boxers successful thank you page

I assumed that 95% of people would never reach the 10 signups, which resulted to be true. Most people reached 0 to 9, that means they’re getting a coupon code.

I’m not giving away free product, but I’m giving away a coupon that will incentivize people to actually buy my product. So it’s a win / win for the customer and me.

Once they reached 10 referrals, they got a free boxer. If you gave me 10 referrals and given that I can afford giving away a pair of boxer briefs – including shipping, logistics and everything – you probably deserve something physical from me.

The pre-launch program was a HUGE hit!

The result:

  • 57% Conversion Rate
  • 87% Viral Boost
  • 35,000 Emails Collected
Comfortable Boxers results

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