Vebbler drives 18,000+ leads with a customer leaderboard.

We use KickoffLabs to drive growth for our mobile app through a viral campus ambassador referral program.

-Sahil Bhagat, Founder at Vebbler

Vebbler thank you page.

We needed to drive our mobile growth through early bird signups.

"There’s a lot of existing solutions for email capture but it’s important to incentivize people to signup & share, create a seamless experience and gamify the process of onboarding."

Vebbler Landing Page

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"Referral programs are a great growth hacking strategy because you’re not only getting the individual signup, you’re helping the individual bring their network on board. This is crucial for a business like ours that depends on the network effect."

We made it a competition between campus ambassadors.

“Early on, we individually signed up about 200 campus ambassadors across various universities. Their job was to drive signups through their KickoffLabs referral link and top the leaderboard. This makes them feel personally accountable and creates interest because there are rewards for signing up users.

Vebbler Thank You Page

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"There’s an entire competitive gamification process for incentivizing people to reach referral goals. This is where the network effect kicked in and each referral link multiplied into more signups."

KickoffLabs is valuable in doing a lot of things to make people stick around.

KickoffLabs automatic emails are extremely useful for motivating the user when reaching milestones. It’s 'sticky' marketing because people want to come back and see their progress.

Vebbler Incentive Email

We wanted to reach 5,000 users, but did way better than we imagined.

"Thanks to the great backend infrastructure and amazing customer support, things just came together.

So far, we’ve captured about 18,000 leads!"

Vebbler Leads Generated

One thing missing and there would have been a problem. KickoffLabs has definitely surpassed our expectations."

Our referral program is ongoing because it’s giving us consistent conversions.

"Anything that helps with growth we stick around with. I can see a lot of other ways we can integrate KickoffLabs contests and campaigns into our future marketing."

Vebbler Conversion Rate
Sahil Bhagat at Vebbler

-Sahil Bhagat, Founder at Vebbler