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Drop the hustler and keep the hustle

My high school baseball team was required to wear shirts that said “HUSTLE” in big bold red letters on the front.  If we weren’t wearing these shirts we paid for it in laps and pushups.

Set a direction for your startup by applying to tech incubators

KickoffLabs recently applied to the TechStars incubator program.  We made it past the first round, got to fill out part two of the application, but didn’t get in.  It’s OK, being part of a program like this really wasn’t part of our plan in the first place. In fact, we launched to paying customers before the program in Seattle even started.  I’ll be honest and admit that KickoffLabs is not the next trendy billion dollar Groupon clone with Color integration. (I kid because I love. )

Declare Independence Today!

imageYesterday the United States celebrated it’s independence. But did you celebrate your own independence? We did and you can to.  We know you want to declare independence from your job, but it’s difficult to know how you would get started.  We understand this feeling because we’ve both been there.

3 Tips on creating a web site for your Mobile App

With well over 500,000 mobile apps available today there is a lot of mobile app development going on. That number means it’s getting harder to stand out by simply publishing your app to the store.  Here are some tips that will help you build out a winning web site for your app.

KickoffLabs is Open for Business!

Today KickoffLabs is officially live and accepting customers! Scott and I want to thank everyone who signed up on our own KickoffLabs “coming soon” page, shared our blog posts and tweets, helped us kick the tires on the private beta, and sent encouraging words along the way. Thank You!