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Introducing “Instant Signup” for landing pages

By Josh Ledgard

Jan 15th, 2013

Want to learn how you can get someone signed up in one click on your landing page?

Recently, we wanted to launch a lifecycle email class called “Landing Pages 107“. It’s an email series that teaches people how to build better landing pages. Think content marketing done with email over 30 days. But we had a problem.

We had thousands of existing customers. This class would be great for them. We needed to make it ridiculously easy for them to opt into receiving the class.

So we built the “Instant Signup” feature for KickoffLabs pages. What it does is enables someone to register on a KickoffLabs page in one click. This link, for example, registers me for the class:


(It’s OK, you can try it, someone can only be signed up once. :) )

Then I could use tokens or “merge tags” to generate unique links for people on existing KickoffLabs, MailChimp, or Aweber email lists. So when they receive the newsletter advertising the course they can just click and opt in. It let us make a signup newsletter that looked like this:

Here’s how you would create a personalized link in each Newsletter tool within their designer.

KickoffLabs Emails


MailChimp Emails

http://www.landingpages107.com?_email=* email *

AWeber Emails


The safety net we added here was that we turned on double opt in for the campaign. So someone will still have to click approve via email before they are truly added to the class.

To turn this feature on yourself open the dashboard for your landing page and choose “Instant Signup”.

Then enable it and publish the page.

You can test it out with the links provided. If you’re form has other required fields we’ll populate the email address to save the customer time, but they will still have to fill out the other fields.

We’ll do another blog post in the future that talks about lifecycle emails and setting up something just like we did with Landing Pages 107.


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