Send great emails to follow up after a great landing page

By Josh Ledgard

They’ve forgotten about you

You got them to your landing page. You got them to sign up. You even got them to buy something! But now they’ve forgotten about you and found another solution.

Don’t let this happen to you. Start using Mailchimp to send great newsletters today.

1. Add context.

Does your subject or for preview line remind customers who you are? In the paragraph above I’ve reminded you about landing pages and newsletters. Nothing is as obvious as you think.

2. Set a goal and make it obvious.

Most people will only take one (if any) call to action and click on one link from a newsletter. What do you want that action or link to be? Sharing? Purchasing? Is it obvious?


3. Teach to solve problems.

Your customers have a problem they need to solve. Give them part of the solution in your newsletter. It could be complimentary to your product or something that teaches them how to use your product in new ways. Even if you haven’t launched yet you could be solving their problems today in a way that makes them grateful and keeps you in their heads.

4. Use KickoffLabs and MailChimp together

We love our own auto-responder feature, but we also love having those monkey butlers at MailChimp deliver our newsletters.  We just launched a HUGE update to our integration with MailChimp. It’s a great integration that literally takes only two clicks to setup.

Josh Ledgard

Founder – KickoffLabs

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