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How to create the best online forms for your landing pages

By Josh Ledgard

Oct 3rd, 2012

Most online forms suck

You’ve seen them. Most online forms are ugly, too long, don’t offer any incentives, and make it nearly impossible to find the call to action. Your form could be different if you follow these steps.

1. Apply the ten foot rule.

When you’ve finished creating your form stand up and walk back 10 feet from your computer. Does the form stand out? Do you know where you would click to submit it? If not then you need to work on the design.

Our pages are designed to convert. We see what works across thousands of landing pages and optimize our landing page designs based on that data. And we still let you make the call to action deep purple. :)

2. Only capture information you’ll really use.

Are you really going to change your approach if you know the customer is 25 years old, likes chocolate sorbet, has 4 kids, and prefers the color blue? If so, then collect that data in the form. Otherwise you are wasting the customers time and lowering the number of people completing your form.

We set ourselves apart here by going out and finding magical customer data that gives you insights into your lead’s social profile, age, location, and even profession without having to ask.

3. Offer signup incentive.

Products really don’t sell themselves. You have to sell people on giving your their contact information by giving them something in return. Use your thank you email to give out exclusive free tips. [Offer anyone who signs up this week a 75% discount](https://app.kickofflabs.com/pricing/?a=newsexclusive “”).

Your probably more creative than us so I expect you’ll come up with a great incentive that’s aligned with your business.

4. Offer rewards for sharing.

This is the “second conversion” most people forget. When someone has been convinced to sign up you now have an engaged customer. Now is one of the best times to ask them to share your signup incentive. You’ll get more bang for your buck.

We make this dead simple. Once someone submits any KickoffLabs form we present them with a second call to action. It’s one that most people forget. “Hey, you were interested in this. Tell your friends. “ We also make it easy for you to run a contest to that really rewards your influencers.

5. Learn something. Then learn something new.

You should take this opportunity to answer a question that will help you shape your business. Only ask one extra question at a time. Make sure it’s a question you can’t get answered any other way. Once you’ve gotten a general consensus then remove the question or replace it with a different one.

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