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How to do a great product promo video for less than $200

We have been wanting to do a simple promo video for KickoffLabs. However, to really do “right” can cost thousands of dollars. That seems like a lot of money when you don’t even know if it will help with your conversions. However…

We recently came across two services that let us put together a quality product promo video in a couple of hours and for less than $200!

First, check out the video:

OK, so how did we do it? (and by we, I mean, how did Josh do it? :)


  1. PowToon – allows you to build a great looking animated presentations.
  2. VoiceBunny – Crowd Voice overs – seriously, this exists.
  3. Vimeo – Like Youtube… but for profesionals that don’t want ads running before, during, and after their video. Note: Since posting this there have been some suggestions in the comments below about how to make YouTube a better free option.
  4. KickoffLabs – :) We host this video on several of our own landing pages. The method/price is cheap enough we can do targeted videos for each landing page target.

I am sure there are other options out there, but we are quite happy with the experience using these tools. The video is our first attempt at using these services and we already have ideas for things we will change and improve in the future.

Script Building

Even if you aren’t using these tools your video needs a script. We did this ourselves following a simple formula:

  1. Discuss the customer problem
  2. Offer a solution
  3. Explain why your solution is the best

In our case we also tried to answer a common question about the definition of a landing page in simple terms.

Other Tips

  • Before submitting your script to VoiceBunny do a rough take you record yourself. This way you’ll know if the timing needs to be changed in your video.
  • Cut stuff. We had to cut this down a few times and it could still stand to be simpler. You don’t have time to jam everything in.
  • Simple explanations.  You have more context, and know more, about your product than ANYONE else on the planet. How would you explain your product to a small child… or a golden retriever?

Armed with these tips and tools I expect everyone could make their own great product videos… that they publish on targeting landing pages built with Kickfoflabs. :)


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Want to build a smarter landing page?
Get educated with our FREE email course.

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