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Create an instant connection with your customers

By Josh Ledgard

Feb 14th, 2013

Here are just a few tips to create a stronger connection with your customers. It’s something we’re passionate about at KickoffLabs and is a great topic for Valentines Day.

1. Get realtime alerts when someone signs up.

If you wait a week to get closer to your customers they will have forgotten about you. That’s why we just launched “Realtime” as an option for your status reports.


2. Learn more about new signups!

Now you know when someone signs up, but what do you know about them? Take a moment to learn something about people before contacting them. It’s why we go out and pull all this extra data about your signups.


3. Send everyone a personal email.

One sure fire way to get through to someones crowded inbox is to truly personalize the message. “Hey Scott, I noticed you’re running your own startup…” The information we give you at KickoffLabs makes that possible. Can’t email EVERYONE… pick the ones you think have the most potential.

4. Start a conversation instead of a pitch.

Rather than going straight into a pitch about your service… ask some questions. “What are the biggest problems you’re having today at KickoffLabs?” The more you listen the better your pitch will be.

5. Surprise them with a random act of kindness.

Rather than using your blog and social profiles to pitch your service all the time… try pitching your customers. Even if there isn’t a customer alignment we love highlighting cool pages they’ve built and servies they are offering. They’ll love the shout out.



P.S. Pamper yourself today by signing up for our FREE course on Landing Pages. We’ve been getting some great feedback about it including:


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