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Do people understand your landing page?

By Josh Ledgard

Nov 12th, 2012

How can you learn what people think about your landing page? {.c1}

I love making changes to our landing pages and measuring the results. The big challenge is knowing what needs to be changed. For that you need to get people outside of your bubble to give you their feedback and guidance. You know too much. So do your current customers and co-workers.

Feedback from people outside your bubble will drive you crazy, but there is good news. You’ll know what you need to change and the results will demonstrate that. Better yet… there are now several services we’ve used personally to get real feedback that improves our landing pages.

Get your own one way mirror with UserTesting {.c2}

UserTesting is a service that lets you watch people’s reaction to your landing pages and answer specific questions you might have.  We recently signed up with them and had 5 people record a total of 60 minutes worth of feedback while answering our specific questions. I sat there trying to yell through time and screen at my testers… “No, that’s NOT what we do… CLICK THERE… Why don’t you see the button?!?!?” It was our fault. The results helped shape a lot of our recent changes and drove up our conversion rate. I like the service so much we decided to partner up and offer you a special discount:

 Have someone else come up with your A/B tests

We just added integration with Pluralis. Pluralis is a cool new service that enlists a crowd of conversion experts who come up with your tests. You open a contest at Pluralis for optimizing your Landing Page. You receive revised versions of your landing page from many professional optimizers from around the world. You approve the versions that you like the most and Pluralis will test them until a champion is detected – AND – you pay only AFTER a lift is generated!

You’ve got less than 5 seconds… Make it count. {.c5}

The last service we’ve used is FiveSecondTest. You take a picture of your landing page, add some questions, and submit it to testers.  They’ll get to see it for 5 seconds before having to answer your questions. I love this concept because it’s affordable and most real visitors won’t even give you 5 seconds.  It’s great to see what people can take away from your landing page design with a limited am mount of time. It’s also easy to get sucked in as a five second tester… which you can do to earn some free responses.  :)


Josh Ledgard

Founder – KickoffLabs

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