Comparing KickoffLabs to Rafflepress

You’ve got options for your next marketing campaign. So what sets KickoffLabs apart from competition like Rafflepress? Try for free today and learn more below.

Beautiful Landing Page Templates

What makes KickoffLabs different?

Few companies can keep their technology a secret. Any good technology can and will be copied. Technology can rarely act as a dependable competitive edge.

At KickoffLabs, we aim to provide the best overall experience for building a marketing campaign. Our goal is to help you create a campaign that goes viral with simpler tools that are more flexible with support that feels like a trusted advisor before, during, and after each campaign.

How we create an amazing customer support experience.

We provide as much support as we can, because every campaign is unique and deserves to succeed. Here are a few things you won't get with Rafflepress:

  • Concierge custom domain setup and script installation help.
  • Every paying customer can schedule a personal 1:1 onboarding call to help get started and answer questions.
  • Feedback so you know you're following best practices. We've been doing this since 2011 and we're always happy to lend our two cents.
  • "Done for you" services are available to get your campaign off the ground quickly so you can focus on your product and other marketing tasks.
Drive more conversions using KickoffLabs viral tools to turn 1 new customer into 3.
I was already in talk with other referral companies. What impressed me the most about your company was the responsiveness from your support team. l was impressed, and then decided to sign up with you guys.


Viral (Referrals) and other critical features are included with ALL KickoffLabs plans.

Critical features, like viral referral tracking, are simply built into every KickoffLabs plan. Rafflepress requires that you spend at least $149 a month to unlock a feature that brings 35% more leads to the average campaign.

Our lowest level plans also include unlimited landing pages, Zapier Integration, reporting, and custom redirects.

This creates a huge savings over the pricing from Rafflepress.

Smart email marketing with automated triggers to build excitment and engagement

Unparalleled Flexibility with a drag and drop contest builder & AnyForm

We offer a drag-and-drop contest page builder instead of using fixed layouts. Or bring your own HMTL. Or use our pop-ups on your site. Or even another landing page builder you prefer.

Our "AnyForm" solution turns any landing page into a KickoffLabs signup form or page. You get total control over the look of your form.

I started using Rafflepress and other Wordpress plugins but it wasn't flexible enough for what I wanted ( e.g. their pre-built pages were not flexible enough and to embed on my own page was too difficult for me to do myself).

Nicola – KickoffLabs Customer

Mix and match different contest types, or add a random prize to a reward level campaign with a leaderboard. Every reward is up to you! We offer many types of campaigns.

KickoffLabs works for non-tech marketers and those with some tech expertise that want to work more directly with our viral boost APIs. We aim to combine simplicity with flexabible solutions for the most demanding brands.

Example waitlist page for your product

Boost Sales with a Shopify Purchase Reward Campaign

We help you reward the word-of-mouth referral sales you get using the Shopify platform. KickoffLabs helps you turn every customer into a potential affiliate with rewards!

Rafflepress just tracks emails collected. We track and reward people for referring friends who make purchases. We make it simple to email referral links out to all of your existing customers and encourage them to keep telling their friends and drive your sales.

Your customer earn points or contest entries as they spend money or get their friends to buy something!

Learn more about creating a Shopify Purchase Reward campaign.

An example thank you page with viral refer a friend tools

SMS support for text based sharing and automatic text replies

Create contests that people can enter via their phone. When they sign up with their phone number, they will opt in to receive text notifications from your business.

Create viral campaigns with entertaining contests. Make your fans even happier. And get more phone numbers as they share. It’s a win-win!

Learn more about our SMS features ​here​.

Showing automated text replies.

Get our help to create the ideal contest experience for your customers today with KickoffLabs!

Give your campaign a viral boost with a more complete setup. Whether you've got a custom design, you want to mix and match campaign types, turn customers into affiliates, or just want a better pricing model that scales up and down with your needs.