How to Setup a Social Referral & Rewards Campaign Like Harry’s Launch with KickoffLabs

By Josh Ledgard

You’ve read about viral launches and have wondered what it would take to replicate that success for your business.

We’ve also talked in the past on how to supercharge your conversion rate using social referrals.

But let’s be honest… without a team of developers, a full blown refer-a-friend launch campaign is not easy to build. Especially if you’re just starting out.

You’re in luck!

KickoffLabs gives you access to the same marketing tools (and more!) that Harry’s used to gather over 100,000 emails.

It’s easy to quickly gather 35,000, or even 100,000 emails using KickoffLabs and the power of social referrals.

Let’s take a look at setting up a viral social referral campaign like Harry’s.

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The Signup Landing Page

Harry’s used a two-page microsite, automated email replies and reward levels to boost their launch campaign. Let’s start by focusing on the initial splash page.



The strengths of the Harry’s signup page:

Setup with KickoffLabs

We’ll be creating a new campaign from scratch, but you can also create these changes under any existing KickoffLabs Campaign.

Need design, copywriting, or marketing inspiration? We’ve got you covered in our Marketing Resource Center! Check it out now. 

1. In this example we’ll be creating an entire campaign from scratch, but you can always create a new landing page under any existing campaign within KickoffLabs.

Click ‘Add New Campaign’ to create a new lead generation campaign. If you’ve just signed up, you’ll automatically be taken to the campaign creation page when you log in. 

** **2. Give your campaign a detailed name, then click ‘Continue’.

** **3. Next you’ll be prompted to choose how you want to collect leads. For the purposes of this guide we’ll choose “On a New Landing Page”, but you can choose the option that best suits your needs. 

** **4. When you select “On a New Landing Page” you’ll be present with a list of our most popular themes. You can view demos by hovering over the theme and clicking the “Demo Page” button. Remember, there is no right or wrong signup page design for this type of campaign, so choose the one you like best!

For this guide, we’ll be selecting the Harry Sign’s Up theme, which is our version of the Harry’s signup page! 

5. Once you’ve clicked a theme to select it, you’ll be asked if you want to include an Exit Intent widget with the signup page. We recommend this, but it’s not required. Then, click ‘Continue’. 

6. Next, you will be prompted to choose your Thank You page theme. You can add a progress bar snippet to any of our drag and drop thank you page designs, but for the purpose of this guide, we’re going to scroll down and select the “Harry Goes Viral Thanks” theme. Then, click ‘Create Campaign’. 

7. You’ll see an overview of your campaign selections. You can click the link to see a preview of the campaign. Once you’re satisfied, click the ‘Start Editing’ button. 

** **8. Now it’s time to edit your pages! On the Campaign Dashboard, click the “Edit Page” button to get started.

When your edits are complete, click ‘Save’, then click ‘Publish’ to push the changes live.

All set creating the signup page!

*Before you exit the editor, be sure to fill out the page title, description, and Facebook/Twitter social sharing information from the “Settings” sidebar.

The Social Referrals & Rewards Thank You Page

This is the page that’s shown immediately after a new signup clicks ‘Submit’. This “Thank You Page” displays a sharing message, referral progress, and the reward levels.

Through this unique social referral and rewards technique, 77% of Harry’s campaign total of signups came through sharing.



Elements that were key to success:

Setup with KickoffLabs

1. Back on your Campaign Dashboard click the ‘Edit Page’ button next to the thank you page you selected during your campaign creation. 

2. Inside of the designer is where you’ll customize the look of the page and configure the reward levels.

Our “Harry Goes Viral Thanks” theme automatically calculates and displays referral information to your signups. However, inside of the designer we use a default test referral count of ‘7’ so you can preview what the progress bar would look like.

The theme also defaults to 0, 5, and 10 friends joined rewards path. However it’s easy to customize the rewards levels to suit your business and campaign needs.

**3.** Click anywhere on the progress bar snippet to open the snippet editor. This is where you’ll update the colors, set your reward levels, and update the Prize Text. Here’s a more in-depth look at what you can update in the progress bar editing panel:

In this example, I’ll use 4 as the “Number Of Rewards Levels”, and will set the prize levels to 5, 10, 25, & 50 required social referrals. You can choose any referral goal you want – there’s no right or wrong answer here. Just keep in mind that the more “attainable” your goal seems, the more enticing it will be for people visiting your page. 

We also don’t recommend starting with ‘0’ unless you’re giving away an incentive just for signing up. Trust us when we say that people generally aren’t excited about earning your “thanks” or “gratitude” for signing up – starting with an actual meaningful incentive will always work in your favor! 

4. To update your social share settings, click anywhere in the snippet that contains your social share icons. This will open an editing window on the left menu. Here’s you can add or remove social networks from the share list, and update your social share messages. Find our full guide on updating your viral social sharing links here!

*Note – Facebook Sharing and Twitter Image Summary Cards are set up via the Settings in the signup page editor. 

5. **When you’re done making edits to your thank you page, click ‘Save’, then click ‘Publish’ to push the changes live.

All set creating the thank you page!

*Before you exit the editor, be sure to fill out the page title and description from the “Settings” sidebar.

6. We’ve already connected your signup page to your thank you page for you. To confirm we are using the correct pages, head back to your Campaign Dashboard. On the left menu click ‘Settings’. The first 2 options are your default signup and default thank you page. 

The Automatic Email Replies

Don’t neglect your signups after they’ve converted. Email reminds people what they signed up for and instigates action. Not to mention it’s proven that email has the highest ROI out of all marketing channels.

Harry’s amounted a huge subscriber list, in part due to their sharing and referral focused emails.

Unfortunately there are no examples on the web, so we can only speculate what Harry’s emails looked like. But judging by the social share message, we can see the copy is first-person and non-salesy.



The series of emails we’’l be sending out are:

  1. Instant thank you and share email (AutoReply) – the initial email response reminding people about the rewards for sharing.
  2. Rewards & incentives emails (a KickoffLabs exclusive) – notify people if and once they’ve reached any of multiple reward levels you setup.

Setup with KickoffLabs

**A. Instant thank you email (AutoReply)**

1. From your Campaign Dashboard, select ‘Send Emails’ from the left menu. 

** **2.  If you’ve not yet set up your Email Settings for the campaign, you will immediately be prompted to do so. This is where you can update your “From” name, your “From Email Address”, postal address (required under the CAN-SPAM Act), unsubscribe message, as well as set a custom unsubscribe page.

If you’ve already set up your Email Settings, you will see the Email Dashboard. From the dashboard, click “Manage Auto Reply Email” to be taken to the Email editor where you can configure your email. Add in a logo, customize the text, and more.

However you customize the email, we highly recommend you use the Email tokens we provide to autogenerate the social referral and sharing links – do not type out your own links, as we will not be able to track referrals properly. 

** **3. When you’re done editing the Auto Reply email, scroll down and click ‘Save Auto Reply Settings’.

All set configuring the initial email auto-response!

like-harrys_Auto Reply Email

Click here to find our full guide on editing your Auto Reply Email.

B. Rewards & incentives emails

Our campaign has specific sharing goals and rewards for leads, so we will not enable KickoffLabs Influencer Email… rather we will setup a series of Incentive Emails to guide progress and deliver specific rewards after reaching referral totals you define.

1. From your Campaign Dashboard select “Send Emails” from the left menu. 

2. Click ‘Setup Reward Level Emails’ to create a new reward level (incentive) Email. You can create separate Emails for multiple referral goals. 

** **3. Click “Add a Reward Level Email” to create your new incentive Email. 

4. Make sure the incentive email is enabled. Then in the “Required Number of Leads” field, place in the number of successful referrals necessary to trigger the incentive.

In this example, I’m linking to a potential special link that people can use to gain access. But you can include a direct link to your app download, product sales page… whatever the conversion goal is.

It’s really up to you how you use KickoffLabs Viral Incentive Emails. Feel free to get creative. We’d love to see what you come up with!

** **5. When you’re done editing the incentive email, use the checkbox to decide whether you want to receive a notification when a user triggers the Email, then scroll down and click ‘Save Email’.

The cool thing about KickoffLabs Viral Incentive Emails is that you can create as many incentive levels as you need. Repeat this process for each reward level. 

When you are finished setting up each email, your currently configured incentive emails may look like this…

Find our full guide to setting up Reward Level (Incentive) Emails here!

Additional steps

**1. **We can send real-time Email alerts anytime someone signs up to your campaign. You can enable/disable these messages by clicking “Push Leads” from the left menu panel, then click “Manage” next to Status Reports and Lead Notifications. 

Publish Your Campaign

When you are ready to start collecting signups, it’s time to publish your campaign to the live web. When you publish your page, you get a URL link that can be shared and advertised.

While you can always publish pages to our free kickoffpages.com domain – this is generally meant as a testing domain for your landing pages. It’s best to use a custom domain so visitors don’t get confused if they see kickoffpages.com in your domain name.

For the best results (and highest conversion rate), we recommend using your own custom domain with KickoffLabs.

For detailed instructions on using your own custom domain name please refer to our guide on Publishing to a Custom Domain and General Custom Domain Setup guide.

Tracking Sharing and Reports

KickoffLabs automatically tracks any referrals that your leads bring in. 

1. Once you start collecting leads, you’ll find all the data under the “Reports” link on the left menu. Click the “See Viral Reports” link for a more detailed analysis. 

2. You can also use your Lead Report to access your list of leads to filter through most recent AND most influential leads. Use our Lead Filters to search and segment your lead list.

From the left menu, select “Leads”, then click “View All”

Find our full guide on managing your leads here!

3. For more in-depth tracking, click ‘Download Leads’ to download a detailed spreadsheet of your leads.

Get Viral!

We hope this quick guide helps you in building the perfect viral campaign.

If you require any assistance, feel free to drop us a line at support@kickofflabs.com

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