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Contest, Giveaway, or Sweepstakes Laws By State

If you’ve decided to run a contest, giveaway or sweepstakes you’ll also want to make sure everything is above-the-board (and prevent any legal issues). In order to do that in the U.S. you’ll want to have a basic understanding of the laws in your state and the United States in general.

Running a legal a contest, giveaway, or sweepstakes in the USA

An online giveaway or sweepstakes is a great way to get audience engagement, expansion, and sales growth. While KickoffLabs makes it simple enough to do, before you begin planning your big contest, you should be privy to the many rules and guidelines you need to adhere to in order for it to be considered legal.

Your Next Giveaway: Low Budget? No Problem

When you are thinking about starting an online giveaway, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the cost of- quite frankly, the whole process. We want to support your budget and efforts to go as far as they can, which is why we think your decision to run a contest is an amazing idea.

Why run a giveaway contest for your online store?

You may see contests other companies are running and wonder how much it is actually doing for their brand. That’s a fair question! So we’ll give you five reasons why a giveaway contest is a good fit for where your business is right now.


Do you want high quality product images for your online store, landing pages, and campaigns but don’t have a big product photography budget or the know-how? Having quality photos of your service/product can raise your sales and interaction by, on average 27% while helping to create brand trust. So where do you start if you don’t have the budget for professional equipment or a product photographer? Here is a basic guide to get you started.