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St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway Ideas and Essential Resources for Your Brand

On a typically cold March day, you’ll find many Americans dressing head to toe in green and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. While technically a feast day for Christians, St. Patrick’s Day has morphed into a global celebration of all things Irish. Because the Irish diaspora is so wide, many countries have their own interpretation of what they do on the day. But in terms of scale and reputation, North America has the largest celebrations.

The best tools to pick a winner for your next giveaway

Everyone loves a free giveaway, add a bit of friendly competition and you have the recipe for a viral buzz-generating giveaway contest. Giveaway contests are an awesome way to drive brand recognition, grow your following, and build hype for your business launch or upcoming product drop, but managing a successful giveaway contest can feel a bit intimidating to those new to the game.

Your Complete Guide for Giveaway Contest Actions

When building a giveaway, the first docket item to add is thinking about your company’s end goal. The initial goal setting is a vital step to every building decision you’ll make. With that in mind, one of the most important tools to lead an incoming audience where you need them to go is the actions list. You can spend all the time designing your landing page and advertising your contest, but if you don’t lead your audience somewhere that matches your goals- you may just end up with only an email list and minimal genuine customer growth.

15 Practical Uses for AI in Sales and Marketing Today

Artificial Intelligence has been on our minds and in our imaginations for decades. However, in the past several years, artificial intelligence has moved from the realm of science fiction to reality. Now, it’s more than just a cool concept. Some of the most recently developed AI tools can give you a massive productivity boost, especially regarding your marketing and sales efforts. 

Christmas Giveaway Ideas to Boost Engagement

Jingle into the biggest holiday of the year with a Christmas giveaway! Whether you run your contest to donate, treat someone to a gift or a getaway, share discounts or early access to popular items, or anything else to ease the holiday stress for someone- your giveaway will make a difference in someone’s life. Get in the Christmas spirit with an easy-to-launch giveaway contest with KickoffLabs! You can launch in just minutes with help from this article, our Christmas theme and included Canva templates.