Using Facebook Ads to Validate Your Startup

By Josh Ledgard

Using Facebook Ads to Validate Your Startup

If you have money to spend on validating your startup then you are going to want to invest some of it on Facebook ads. The nature of how Facebook ads measure interest allow for better/cheaper validation today that going with Google Ads that work best when you have an actual buy button.

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Check Out Your Competitors on Facebook Ads

Facebook ad library

Facebook provides a feature called the “Facebook Ad Library” that allows anyone to see the ads a company is currently running on Facebook, Instagram, and other Facebook-owned platforms. Here’s how you can use it to see what your competitor is trying:

  1. Visit the Facebook Ad Library: Go to Facebook Ad Library. This tool is publicly accessible and does not require a Facebook account to use.

  2. Search for a Competitor: In the search bar, type the name of the competitor whose ads you want to view.Ensure you have the correct organization, as some companies may have similar names.

  3. Filter the Results: You can filter the results by country, ad type, and platforms to narrow down the ads you are interested in.

  4. Analyze the Ads: Browse through the active ads to see what kind of campaigns your competitor is running. Pay attention to the ad creatives, copy, calls-to-action (CTAs), and any landing pages they link to.

  5. Gather Insights: Look for patterns in the messaging, offers, or target audiences. Notice if they are promoting specific products, events, or offers. Figure how you’ll differentiate your offer.

  6. Check Regularly: Competitors might change their ad strategies frequently, so consider checking back regularly to see new ads or changes in their approach.

Don’t forget, the Facebook Ad Library may be a sensational treasure trove for unearthing your rivals’ promotional tactics, but it’s not exactly a crystal ball for divining their ad performance. Engagement, click-through, and conversion rates are conspicuous by their absence. Think of it like a glossy billboard showing off the ads, rather than a detailed report card grading their success.

Creating Effective Facebook Ads for Your Startup

Facebook ad setup

Creating the right ad is pivotal for your startup validation process. While you don’t necessarily need an in-depth understanding of Facebook ad creation, there are certain factors to keep in mind:

  1. Leverage Customer Persona: Understanding your target audience, their likes, dislikes, and preferences can go a long way in crafting an impactful ad. Revisit your customer persona or create one if you haven’t already. This ensures that your ads are targeting the right audience.

  2. Focus on Landing Page Views: Since your goal is to generate landing page views, make your ad engaging enough to draw clicks. You can track these via the Facebook tracking pixel or page visit goal from within Facebook ads.

  3. Use Carousel Ads: Carousel ads allow you to upload multiple images, each with a unique value proposition. Coupled with the use of UTM parameters, these will help identify which value proposition drove the most traffic to your site. This approach allows you to test multiple messages within one single ad.

  4. Optimize for Mobile: Design your ads and landing pages to be mobile-friendly, as most Facebook users access the platform via mobile devices.

  5. Leverage Personalized Video Content: Consider using video ads to engage users more deeply. Record a quick video of the pitch you’ve refined earlier in this guide and test the personal approach.

  6. Set a Realistic Budget: Determine a budget that allows for sufficient testing and data collection. Monitor your ad spend daily to ensure a good return on investment.

  7. Track with UTM Parameters: Use UTM parameters on the links in your ads so you can see what links are really being clicked.

  8. Use Conversion Tracking: Learn how to setup conversion tracking scripts for Facebook with KickoffLabs.

  9. Embrace Remarketing During your Launch: Install that pixel even if you don’t run Facebook Ads. People who’ve interacted with your pre-launch landing pages are more likely to convert when you are live even if they didn’t sign up for the waitlist.

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Analyzing the Results of Your Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook ad results

Once the ad starts rolling, look out for these key factors within the first 24 hours:

  1. Cost Per Click: Successful validation campaigns usually cost less than 50 cents per click or certainly under a dollar.

  2. Conversion Rate: If your cost per click is less than 50 cents, but you don’t see any conversions after a hundred visitors, it might be time to re-evaluate the value proposition of the page or revise your targeting. A good conversion rate to aim for is 20%.

  3. Follow-on Actions: Look for signals that demonstrate further interest in your product or service. Are they responding to surveys, replying to sign-up emails, or sharing your content with friends?

  4. Referral Rate: An effective campaign should have at least 35% of leads signing up through referrals. If you’re seeing this, it’s a strong indication that you have honed an effective message and are targeting the right people.

Validating Your Startup using KickoffLabs

KickoffLabs simplifies the process of collecting and interpreting this important data. Don’t let the overwhelming task of tracking your validation campaign deter you. Set up your validation campaign with KickoffLabs today and start leveraging the power of Facebook ads.

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