Types of Legal Giveaways for Every Campaign Need

By Meagan Kral

Types of Legal Giveaways for Every Campaign Need

Not all giveaways are the same, and some people may use some names interchangeably. There are different types of giveaways and it’s important that you use the name of the type of giveaway in the right way to avoid misunderstanding that could result in a legal issue later on. Read our complete guide on the types of giveaways that exist that are legally compliant.

Giveaway Types

Below is a recap of the different giveaway types and what they mean.

Types of Giveaways

  • Contest: A contest relies on a person’s skills. In a contest, contestants compete by doing better than the others, and the results are based on merit.
  • Sweepstakes: Winners are chosen at random, and there is no purchase required to enter, but you can earn extra entries.
  • Reward Level Giveaway: Anyone that reaches a prize level can earn the prize. This is also known as a milestone based giveaway.
  • Raffle: A raffle involves buying a raffle ticket or making a purchase in exchange for the possibility of winning a prize.

Running a Giveaway With KickoffLabs

In conclusion, understanding the nuances of different giveaway types is crucial for legal compliance and effective audience engagement.

KickoffLabs offers a library of campaign types and curated templates, making it a valuable tool for running legal giveaways. Our platform supports various campaign styles such as sweepstakes, sweepstakes with leaderboards, milestone rewards, waitlists, and more. Each campaign type can be mixed and matched to fit your needs, while engaging and growing your audience effectively.

These campaign types are not only designed to boost engagement and referrals, but also to ensure that your giveaways comply with legal standards. By using KickoffLabs’ carefully crafted templates and campaign mechanisms, you can confidently run your giveaways, knowing they adhere to necessary legal requirements.

Learn more about all of our campaign types here.

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4. Important Terms

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