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Landing Pages – Hand crafted for conversions

Demo Page

Over 60 amazing landing page templates

Choose from a growing library of over 60 amazing landing page templates – hand crafted and optimized for conversions. I’m sure we have the perfect template you can easily tune for your campaign. Our library includes templates that can be used for:

  • Launch & Coming Soon
  • Referral Contests
  • Giveaways or Promotions
  • Lead Generation & Notification
  • Referral Generation Campaigns
  • Webinar Registrations
  • Mobile App Previews
  • Sales Pages
  • Simple Surveys
  • “Get Likes” Social Growth
  • Thank You Pages

Don’t see one you like… we offer opt-in forms and widgets that you can embed onto ANY page, it doesn’t have to be a KickoffLabs landing page. Our opt-in forms and widgets offer the same functionality as our landing pages.

We can also help with custom page development, or tweaking existing templates, to get just the right look designed to convert your audience.

KickoffLabs Landing Pages are 100% Mobile Responsive

45% of landing page traffic comes through a mobile device. If people can’t read your page or see your call to action they are less likely to convert. This trend isn’t going away. That’s why all of our landing pages automatically scale to support mobile devices without any extra work on your part.

Social First Landing Pages

Landing pages produced with KickoffLabs are designed to be social. We let you specifically set social properties including:
  • Links to common social profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, etc.
  • Facebook Title & Description
  • Facebook Share Image
  • Twitter Sharing Text
These settings will also be applied to other popular social networks including Google + and LinkedIn.

Simple Builder

Publish landing pages in minutes with our simple builder

KickoffLabs flexible landing page builder is simple and easy use. It’s a joy to build the perfect landing page yourself in minutes. Jump in and quickly start editing any one of our templates with the WYSIWYG editor and real time preview.

Instantly add your own custom text, colors, images, videos, formatting and more! You should not spend hours dragging and dropping every little pixel. Our goal is to make the page building process simpler so that you can focus on the copy and images that truly matter for conversions.

Simple HTML/CSS/Javascript header and footer access

Are you more technical? Do you have someone on your team with web design skills? We’ve got you covered. We offer a simple way to drop custom scripts, styles, and even HTML to your page.

Feature Video On Any Landing Page

It’s easy to add an explainer video to any landing page with KickoffLabs. Some templates feature a dedicated location for video, but you can add a video to ANY of our templates by using our editor and simply clicking the video icon!

Custom Lead Capture Form Support

Simply capture an email address or collect a phone number, address, name, and more. You can easily design the form you need with our simple tool.

SEO friendly settings and customizable options

We’ll automatically look at your content to set SEO properties like the page title and meta description. You’ll also have full control of this text and the ability to add additional META tags if you need to customize your search engine experience.

Background Image Library Included

We know it takes a lot of time to find the perfect background image or stock art for your landing page. This is why we’ve included a great selection of background images you can use to get your campaign up today.

Smart Font Choices Allow You To Pick from over 110 included Fonts!

With support for Google Fonts you can choose between over 110 amazing fonts for your landing page. We’ve made easy to include separate fonts on each page for titles, headlines, and page copy. This system ensures that fonts are used consistently throughout your page for cleaner designs.

Smart Color Pickers Keep Consistency and Match Your Brand With Unlimited Combinations

Every template defines a set of colors you can customize. Rather than having to set colors individually on each segment of your landing page you make a few simple choices like background color, button color, and accept color. From these simple choices we’ll intelligently pick button font colors, headline colors, and more!

Customize Your Page Favicon – Set the Browser Icon

Yup – that little icon on your web browser… customize that to match the rest of your website. :)

A/B Testing

A/B Split Testing Smart Enough to Double Leads

Don’t guess which headline or hero image converts better. Run a split tests by simply copying your landing page, editing the content in question, and start an A/B test. Or test two completely different pages against one another. You can optimize your campaign conversion rates by running an unlimited number of these tests.

We’ve got the easiest A/B testing in the business:

  • Automatically determine a winner based on traffic and conversion rates.
  • End tests and easily publish the winning page so you can start a new test.
  • See test results per campaign at a glance.
  • See a test confidence score in the results.
  • Run an unlimited number of split tests.

KickoffLabs Smart A/B testing helps minimize the loss of potential leads to a losing variation by adjusting audience weight to each page under test. You’ll double leads with our proven A/B testing formula. Or you can always manually prioritize the weight of any variation.

Learn more about KickoffLabs Smart A/B Testing >>

instant-thanks rabbit-thanks

Create Amazing “Thank you” Experiences

You have a choice with KickoffLabs to configure an instant “in-page” thank you experience OR publish dedicated “Thank You” landing pages.

Instant Thank You Messages

Why build two pages when one will do the trick? Cut your page development time in half and give your customers an INSTANT thank you that doesn’t require another page load. All of our templates have a great thank you/follow-up experience for new leads built right in that includes an opportunity for viral sharing to boost your conversion rate.

Dedicated Thank You Pages

Ok – sometimes you want to have a more complete thank you experience with an upsell offer, viral sharing, product download… whatever. You can chain pages together and use our dedicated thank you pages for a more complete second step in your customer relationship.

Deliver Opt-In Bribes On Thank You Pages

Want to bribe someone to opt in with a digital download like an eBook, Tips, Song, or something else? Just upload it to our service, we’ll host it, and link to it from your custom thank you experience. You can also link it up from the automatic response email that goes out when someone signs up.

Learn more about how incentive delivery works at Kickofflabs! incentives-recap

Default Campaign Redirects

By default, people see a standard thank you message after they’ve signed up on your landing page or opt-in form. With Campaign Redirects, you can automatically redirect ALL of your landing pages and opt-in forms under a campaign to a single “Thank you” page.

Redirect New Leads Anywhere

Want to to redirect someone to any other page on the net? We’ve made that easy to. Collect your lead and then send them to another service, payment page, or affiliate campaign.

Learn more about KickoffLabs Thank You Pages >>

or play the video below…

Publish Unlimited Landing Pages to Your Custom Domains

Publish landing pages to a KickoffLabs domain or to your own custom domain. We take care of hosting your campaigns, landing pages and assets!

Just launching? Publish to http://launch.mydomain.com or http://www.mydomain.com.

Running multiple landing pages? Setup a subdomain and publish an unlimited number of pages to it. Publish any number of pages off of your own domain like http://grow.mydomain.com or http://pages.mydomain.com or http://pages.mydomain.com/contest.

We’re flexible. Not sure what’s best… ask us. We also provide concierge setup service for paying customers on this step so you don’t pull your hair out redirecting domains.

Fast and Scalable Hosting to Support Your Growing Audience

Speed is key to conversions. If your landing pages don’t load quickly potential customers will give up and start wondering what cousin Eddie is doing on Facebook instead.Don’t lose money with slow hosting for your most important landing pages. Cheap wordpress installations, for example, are notoriously slow and can’t scale to meet demands. Using a scalable service, like Kickofflabs, ensures your landing pages always load quickly so you You know those big brains at Amazon? The ones who can handle all of your online shopping… even during the busy holiday season? Yup – we’ve got the same fast, scalable architecture that you need to ensure speedy delivery of your landing pages, opt-in forms, and lead notification emails. Enterprise scale organizations like Microsoft and KLM Airlines have trusted us with their campaigns. We can handle yours.

Preview, or Start Publishing Directly on Our Domain

In addition to the real time preview in our designer you can also preview your landing page publicly on our domain before using your own. Share the link with others to test or even start out by just using our domain. Once you setup your real URL we’ll redirect this temporary link to your actual page!

Path Support For Multiple Pages

Once you publish to your custom domain you can set up as many pages as you need to paths off of the first one. This means, for example, you could publish pages like:

Publish Landing Pages to a Facebook Tab

Create a landing page within KickoffLabs and choose to publish it to Facebook. In three clicks you’ll have your landing page published as a tab on your company’s Facebook Page

Publish Landing Page to WordPress

We can work with WordPress or any any existing website. Either use our WordPress Plugin to publish pages within your site or benefit from the separation by setting up a sub-domain and manage all of your pages outside of WordPress. When you update your page in KickoffLabs it will automatically be updated within WordPress.

Download HTML to Publish Landing Pages Anywhere

Once you’ve created a landing page within KickoffLabs you can download our HTML code and publish it anywhere. You only have to do this once. Any future updates to the page can be simply made from KickoffLabs.

Page Management Tools To Rename, Copy, or Delete Pages

Have a page that works really well in one campaign… just copy it to another campaign, rename it, and start from that success. Have some other pages that just weren’t cutting it… delete them.

Opt-in Forms

The freedom to collect leads virally on ANY landing page or website

Turn your current site into a high performance, viral lead capture machine.

Didn’t find a KickoffLabs landing page that suits your needs? That’s okay.

Have a custom design that you’d like to use? No problem.

If you can copy and paste a few lines of code, you can access our entire suite of lead generation tools like automatic emails, social referral tracking, viral thank you pages & much more.

Use almost any 3rd party landing page or full website and start running smarter campaigns. It doesn’t have to be a KickoffLabs landing page!

  • Works on ANY existing website
  • Send automatic email responses from your campaign
  • Link to a dedicated KickoffLabs thank you page
  • Run referral generation campaigns from a widget on your site
  • Install a Bounce exit intent widget with no additional code


KickoffLabs AnyForm lets you connect any existing form or custom HTML page up to a KickoffLabs campaign in order to capture email and make it a more viral form.

It’s the perfect choice if you already have an existing form on your page and want to tap into the power of KickoffLabs!

Learn more about KickoffLabs AnyForm >>

AnyForm for Unbounce & Instapage

Landing pages are a means to an end… helping people like you get more high-quality leads, a great opt-in conversion rate, and virally growing your audience. That’s what we do best.

KickoffLabs offers Anyform widgets for Unbounce and Instapage which let you connect your third-party landing pages to take advantage of KickoffLabs smarter campaign functionality. The set up is simple and takes just a minute and a bit of copy & pasting.

Learn more about AnyForm for Unbounce >>

Learn more about AnyForm for Instapage >>

Classic Embed

KickoffLabs Classic Embed Opt-in Form is a pre-styled form you can embed onto any page. It’s easy to customize to match the styling of your current site.

Ideally suited for sidebars, after blog posts, or anywhere you want to capture more leads.

Popup Link Form

KickoffLabs Popup Link Form lets you collect leads virally without cluttering up your current page design.

You can link buttons, images, text and more to a form popup that appears directly over your page. Or you can set it up to popup automatically.

Learn more about KickoffLabs Popup Link Form >>

Corner Pop-Up Signup Form

Setup a corner popup signup form that captures email addresses and other customer information.

Place it in the bottom left or right of your site.

Learn more about KickoffLabs Corner Pop-Up Signup Form >>

Top Signup Bar

Setup a bar on top of your site that captures email addresses… or a name and email address. Visitors can signup or dismiss this un-obtrusive popup request.

Learn more about KickoffLabs Top Signup Bar >>

Bottom Signup Bar

Setup a bar on bottom of your site that captures email addresses… or a name and email address. Visitors can signup or dismiss this un-obtrusive popup request.

Learn more about KickoffLabs Bottom Signup Bar >>

Full Screen Welcome Mat

Capture more leads with a highly effective, beautifully designed splash screen email capture form that displays before all of the content on your page.

Learn more about KickoffLabs Full Screen Welcome Mat >>

Developer HTML Forms

Designers and developers will love our Bootstrap and HTML Inline Form options, which are designed to easily implement when you build custom pages.

Just copy and paste the code where you want a KickoffLabs form to appear, then easily style with your custom CSS.

Exit Intent Widgets

Stop visitors before they leave – Make a last chance offer – Improve conversion rates!


Grab visitors before they abandon your site

Don’t let a visitor leave your site without getting something in return. KickoffLabs Bounce enables you to popup an amazing offer before someone forgets about you forever.

Get a second chance to make the conversion

The copy on your first page didn’t convince them, but now you have a chance. You can present them with an alternative message. Something that will turn that frown upside down and make every dollar you put into traffic generation go that much further. Stop wasting traffic today!

Learn more about KickoffLabs Bounce exit intent widget >>

Email Marketing

Increase engagement and sharing with smart automated email campaigns


Automatic Email Responses Included

Why pay for two tools just to deliver an automatic response? Automatic email responders are included with all Premium (or higher) KickoffLab accounts and delivered right after someone signs up on one of our forms. Setup automatic responders for your campaigns in order to:

  • Say thanks for signing up!
  • Deliver opt-in bribes including books, PDF, or other downloadable assets.
  • Encourage sharing with personalized referral links.

Customize Your Emails with Dynamic Content

Use shortcodes for sending personalized content to your leads. Email Tokens dynamically generate social links and referral data, along with any customer information you collect. Use Email Tokens for any email you setup with KickoffLabs to:

  • Improve open rates by including someone’s first name.
  • Display referral progress to people who share your campaign.
  • Show information based on questions you asked during lead capture.
  • Generate social share buttons to encourage sharing.

Incentive Emails

Viral Incentive Emails Automate Reward Delivery

This is a feature you won’t find this anywhere else. With Incentive Emails, you can deliver emails to your leads once they reach key sharing thresholds. For example, you could send a lead an email after they have generated three new leads for your business. Common use cases include:

  • Deliver escalating coupon codes for higher referral totals.
  • Let someone into your beta for their 3rd referral.
  • Encourage more sharing as someone gets closer to your goals.

Influencer Email

Daily Influencer Emails Deliver Encouragement for Sharing

Another exclusive KickoffLabs feature is our Influencer email. The influencer email is delivered once per day to people who have successfully generated referrals for your campaign. The influencer email can be used for:

  • Simply thanking someone for sharing your campaign.
  • Top sharing contests without specific goals and reward levels.
  • Letting them know how many people they have now referred and where they rank on the leaderboard

mailchimp_logo awebersmallInfusionsoftzapier-small-orange-logo

Push Leads to Other Popular Marketing Tools

It’s ok. We know a lot of you have your favorite dedicated email tool for sending mass emails, broadcasting newsletters, or advanced email automation. We use a few other tools as well.

  • Push new leads automatically to popular email marketing tools.
  • Include custom form information and unique social identifier.
  • Download your lead list in a format that can be imported into other tools.

These tools can be used in combination with any of our existing email services. For example: Use our Incentive emails, but send automatic responses from MailChimp. Setup our notification mails or send new leads directly into your company slack channel!

Viral Boost

Get 35% more leads for any campaign with our unique viral boost system.

Someone Signs Up

Team SignupUse our Landing Pages, Opt-in, or Pop Up forms to generate signups.

You Encourage Sharing

Everyone gets a unique social referral tracking link and a simple way to share.

Track & Reward Influencers

Influential CustomersYou see who has referred the most people and who referred who.

Actual Results

Make your traffic worth more with a Viral Boost.

Our unique referral generation system makes any campaign 35% more effective. Take engaged leads and turn them into advocates with an immediate call to action that encourages sharing. Check it out…

Guide Your Leads to More Conversions

We make it simple for new signups to share with friends. However you can increase conversions by encouraging people to check their progress.

When someone signs up a unique social referral link and browser cookie is created to identify the user. Whenever they revisit thank you pages they see their signup and referral status!

Use our smart Email Tokens to embed thank you page links directly into emails.

Show Leads Where They Stand With Leaderboards

Launch fun competitions that give everyone incentive to invite friends with leaderboard thank you pages!

Let people see where they stand in relation to the leaders and use the sharing tools to invite more friends. This way they can easily track how their rankings have improved.

Custom contest scoring for leaderboards lets you assign different number of points based on the type of referral. You’ll be able to then choose different values for verified referrals or even separate direct versus indirect (referral from a referral) referrals.

Pick A Winner From Referral Competitions

Our “Pick contest winner(s)” feature allows you to draw one or more names from the hat. That’s cool, but what’s even better is that if someone referred you 20 additional leads… their name will be in the “hat” an extra 20 times!

  • Choose how you want to weight the entries or make it 100% random
  • Choose to only select from people who have “verified” if you are using advanced fraud prevention.
  • Choose to select multiple winners if needed.

See results before notifying the winners and confirm they met your contest rules & expectations first. Then use the detailed contact information provided to reach out to them.

Default Campaign Share URLs

By default we’ll set the share link to be whatever page the lead signed up on… but you may want to force all referrals to share one particular page.

Campaign Share URLs allow you to define your own default sharing URL that leads will see on thank you pages, emails, and signup widgets.

Advanced Fraud Prevention

With any referral campaign, there is risk that people will try and fraudulently game the system. KickoffLabs helps protect against fraud by providing optional verification based on a signups email and IP address.

We ensure you get only the highest quality leads!

Run Viral Campaigns with Confidence

KickoffLabs Advanced Fraud Prevention protects you against unwanted cheaters and spammers.

Your Campaigns Are Safe With Us

KickoffLabs is the perfect platform for incentivizing people to signup with rewards. Unfortunately, the better the rewards, the more likely it is that people will try and fraudulently increase their contest scores by gaming the system.

We provide you with the latest in email security to both help mitigate contest fraud and improve the quality of leads you capture.

  • Leverage campaign data to verify the quality of leads.
  • Use Social Data to personally reach out to influencers.
  • Feel confident that the people you are rewarding have truly earned it.

Campaign Lead Verification

New leads are required to verify an email address in order to participate in the campaign. This is like an advanced double opt-in where any person who subscribes must confirm their request twice. If someone does not have access to the email that was used to signup, they will not be counted as valid referrals.

Additionally, leads get 3 opportunities to verify. Once when the lead subscribes, then again at 24 & 48 hours (if the lead has not verified yet).

Automatically Exclude Bad Emails

KickoffLabs allows you to automatically exclude emails from contests that are known to be bad. If someone enters a lot of fake email addresses they will not get any credit for them.

  • They will NOT count as a referral
  • They will NOT be included in future emails
  • They will be marked as BAD in lead reports
  • NO ONE will get credit for referring the bad email address

IP Address Filtering

Have you identified fake leads coming from a particular IP address? You can exclude them automatically by adding particular IP addresses to our IP address filtering system. People from these sources will not be counted as valid referrals.

Email Status Flags

When we send email to your leads we track if any lead emails bounce, are marked as spam, or are invalid. If that happens, those emails are highlighted and labeled as potentially fake. You can use this information to look for an indication that people may have submitted fake email addresses.

Analytics for Smarter Campaigns

Learn more about your leads than you ever thought was possible

Reports Overview

Measure Campaign Conversion Data Across Pages, Widgets & Channels Over Time

Our goal is to help you achieve the highest conversion rate possible. We’ve got conversion focussed data available to help you track:

  • Conversion Rate
  • Total & Unique Web Views
  • Leads Captured
  • Top Referral Links

Influential Customers

Track Virality & Identify Influential Leads

Our viral referral system is unique to our market and we’re going to let you know if it’s working for you. From our reports you’ll be able to answer:

  • Who are the most influential?
  • What percentage of your leads come from our Viral Boost?
  • What leads were specifically referred by each person.

Demographic Data Scott Card

View Demographic, Social & Campaign Data on Lead Cards

Do you think you could improve your campaign if you knew that 80% of your leads were men between the ages of 35 and 45 located in New Jersey? Of course you could. Would your sales team be able to make use of a leads LinkedIn data? Yup. You’ll make more sales.

That’s why we give you all this extra data… even if you only ever asked for a leads email address. For every lead captured we look up:

  • Gender, Age, & Location Information
  • Public profile pictures.
  • Social media profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other popular networks
  • Biographies & by-lines

We also automatically capture important campaign data such as:

  • Referral URL
  • Campaign tracking variables
  • Capture form used
  • IP Address

Google AdWords Facebook Conversions Google Analytics segment

Integrated Tracking Code & Pixel Support

You work with other tools to measure success. We know that. That’s why we make it easy to integrate virtually any other analytics package. We support adding tracking codes and pixel to your landing pages via our direct support for:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Goals
  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Tracking Pixels
  • Segment.IO (Integration with over 70 analytic services)

We also provide access to your landing page HTML header and footer to add support for any additional analytics packages you need. Can’t figure out how to add support for your favorite tool… let us know. We’ll help.


Collaborate Under A Single Account

Sub-Accounts allow you to invite other people into your KickoffLabs account. Sub-Accounts can be scoped to specific campaigns or given management (non-billing) access to your entire account.

You can have multiple log-ins, one for each member of your team:

  • Designers or developers to edit your pages.
  • Copywriters to update content & create new pages.
  • Clients that need read-only access to their own specific reports.

Amazing Support

Support is not an afterthought at KickoffLabs

Providing an amazing customer experience is a core belief at KickoffLabs. It’s what really separates us from other services. Write us at support@kickofflabs.com or call us at (877) 921-1031.

App integrations

With your other favorite tools and add-ons

Already use services like Google Analytics to track your web traffic? Love sending newsletters from AWeber or MailChimp? That’s ok. We play well with others and make it easy to integrate your favorite tools into our service.

Search engine optimization

Get indexed by search engines.

Our pages are already set up to optimized on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, and if you want to customize your settings, you can!

Hosting included

Use your domain on our hosting

Use your own web address—or even set up a subdomain off of your primary website, such as http://get.yourdomain.com. And hosting? It’s included for unlimited visitors to your page!