Viral Boost Every Lead

Viral Boost is our proven combination of social sharing, social referrals & incentive rewards that result in an average 35% conversion lift for your campaigns and comes included on all our landing pages, opt-in form widgets & thank you pages.

Turn each lead into an influencer who shares your brand with their friends.

Make your traffic worth more with a Viral Boost.

You probably know that your conversion rate is simply: People that achieved your goal / Unique People to a Landing Page. If 3 people visit your landing page and one person signs up, you have a 33% conversion rate.

A social referral is anyone that someone else refers to your landing page. So if, after someone signs up, they get 5 friends to sign up… each of these additional signups is a referral from the first person.

A Viral Boost is the boost you are getting on your campaign because of the number of social referrals.

Make more of your traffic with a viral boost.

Track virality & identify influential leads.

Take engaged leads and turn them into advocates with an immediate call to action that encourages sharing.

  1. A new person signs up on your landing page or opt in form.
  2. Next, KickoffLabs automatically generates a unique social referral sharing link on thank you screens, automatic email replies, and targeted influencer emails.
  3. If that person shares their referral link, they will get credit for the people that sign up, even if their referrals decide to revisit the page and sign up at a later time!

You’ll be able to determine who’s truly influencing your conversion rates and knowing who’s influential is critical to building personal relationships with the right people.

Viral Sign up Landing Page

Customize which social networks to include in your viral campaigns.

Target your users where they already hang out online. Use KickoffLabs Viral Boost to create customizable social sharing links for each social network. You can edit, re-order, add or remove sharing links.

  • Update the text that gets shared on social networks.
  • Customize these links on signup pages, thank you pages and popup forms.
  • Choose from the most popular social networks, with new ones constantly being added.
Example of anyform widget viral thank you page

Reward leads for signing up others to your campaign.

Leverage incentive rewards that you can include throughout your campaign to give you an even further audience-building Viral Boost.

Make your campaign more engaging with:

  • Incentives (“Sign up for early access”, or “Sign up for your chance to win”),
  • Downloadable Bribes (“Sign up for free access to” or “Sign up and get your free guide”),
  • Achievement Levels (“Get 3 people to join and you are in”, “Invite more friends and move up on the waiting list”)
  • and Reward Levels (“Invite 3 people and get … invite 5 people and get… Invite 10 people and get…” etc).
Reward leads for signing up others to your campaign.

Every campaign could use a Viral Boost.

If you get 1,000 people to your campaign and 200 sign up. That’s a 20% conversion rate.

But if you can get even 50% of those people to tell 2 friends. Your conversion rate goes from 20% to 40%. With KickoffLabs Viral Boost, it’s easy to supercharge your campaign conversion rate.

You’ll get access to an amazing sharing and social referral experience built directly into the platform.

Every campaign could use a Viral Boost.